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So after deciding to pick up my orcs and Goblins again, this is what I have come up with, now I know that to be competitive I could spam all level 2 gobbos, or make each unit of orcs 50 and what have you, but I just dont think its fun. So if you have comments or criticism they are more than welcome, but dont be surprised if I dont take competitive ideas and run with them.

2500pts. The Nobbsmakkas

Snaggletoof Da Smakka (Black Orc Warboss) 232pts.
Martogs best Basha
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of protection
Bigged's Kickin boots
Heavy armor

Wargurtz the Glowy (Orc Great Shaman) 265pts.
staff of baduum
Warboss 'ums best boss 'at
Level 4

Zimzag 'da magic thief (Goblin Shaman) 140pts.
level 2
Staff of Sneaky stealin


Drikz Drunkz (25 Orc Boys 180pts.)
Full Command

Zorgoff's Lads(25 Orc Boys 180pts.)
Full command

Da Big fists (25 Orc Boys 280pts.)
Full command
Big 'Uns

thaScuttlin Company (10 spider Riders 131pts.)

Tha Crawlin company (10 Spider Riders 131pts.)

Zimzag's Lads (30 Night goblins 110pts.)
Full command

Zimzag's uvva Lads (30 Night Goblins110pts.)
Full command


Snaggletoof's Favourite's (20 Black Orcs) 323pts.
Full command
Noggs banner of Butchery

Da Smusha (Rock Lobba) 75pts.
Extra crew

Da Smasha (Rock Lobba) 75pts.
Extra crew

Tha Crushin wagon (Orc Boar Chariot 85pts.)
Extra crew

The great big Rolla (Orc Boar Chariot 85pts.)
Extra crew


Da stuntie watsitts (Night Goblin doom diver) 82pts.

GRAND TOTAL: 2481pts.
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