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Optimal size for VC skeletons and ghouls

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Units that you want to do something, not just distraction units etc.

What would be your recommendations guys?

I have room for 2 at c. 40 each, but can make room for bigger units if they would be more effective.

As always, many thanks and +rep if I haven't too recently.
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i would run units of between 30 and 40 strong. Unlike others on here i don't see the point behind a horde yes you get an extra rank of models but 3 of those models cannot fight and you will have lots of points tied up in the unit, where as running 6/7 wide you still get 2 ranks of models all of whom can attack but you have to spend less points on getting those extra ranks to break steadfast.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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