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Optimal size for VC skeletons and ghouls

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Units that you want to do something, not just distraction units etc.

What would be your recommendations guys?

I have room for 2 at c. 40 each, but can make room for bigger units if they would be more effective.

As always, many thanks and +rep if I haven't too recently.
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Unless your taking hordes of 50+ don't bother with spears. The rear rank will inevitably get shot at and simply reduce the cost effectivness of spears. remember their still WS 2 skeles

I would argue that ghouls shouldn't really go in hordes, their not durable enough to be mainline units, a clanrat is more surviable, plus you only get 1 supporting attack regardless so ghouls lose out on this. I think your generally better of using small units of ghouls to flank charge a unit that got skeled or zombied front. that way you can rob rank bonus and don't need the large footprint that hordes require. I run hordes in my skaven army and they can end up getting bottlenecked by smaller units.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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