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Optimal size for VC skeletons and ghouls

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Units that you want to do something, not just distraction units etc.

What would be your recommendations guys?

I have room for 2 at c. 40 each, but can make room for bigger units if they would be more effective.

As always, many thanks and +rep if I haven't too recently.
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For any large block of infantry, you probably want either 30+ or minimum size. The only ones you'd want minimum size are the units taken for reasons other than close combat, such as shooting units, point fillers, mandatory units, or ones taken for other reasons (like clan rats taken so you can get the attached special weapons team).

So 30 is definitely the minimum for any normal block of infantry, and that's probably a good size for skeletons. With ghouls you could go larger, as large as you like in fact, because they're a bit more cost effective. In fact, the only reason I'd take skeletons is for standards, and possibly holding characters. Otherwise, ghouls are a better unit.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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