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Optimal size for VC skeletons and ghouls

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Units that you want to do something, not just distraction units etc.

What would be your recommendations guys?

I have room for 2 at c. 40 each, but can make room for bigger units if they would be more effective.

As always, many thanks and +rep if I haven't too recently.
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I run a 6 wide 5 deep unit of spear skeletons, and a unit of 5 wide 5 deep sword shield skeletons, both with command. Generally I stick the army general in the spear unit, and use lore of beasts to constantly buff the unit. This is the optimal configuration I have found for my VC skeletons. Still you will really want to deny the opponent stubborn so having a unit that is 6-7 deep is not a bad suggestion (Just remember to maneuver them carefully.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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