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Opinions on Spartan Assault Tank, and a long time wish!

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Hey Folks

I am looking for a way to deliver a large number of Khorne Bezerkers quickly up to my opponents deployment zone. I have looked at a few options, and I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on using Spartans. Are they worth the points? Do they hold up? Does their size make assaulting harder?

Any other suggestions I may have missed would be welcome as well.

Last thing:

Why can't GW make a stripped down Land Raider. Remove the Hull mount and the sponsons. Just have a single pintle mounted Multi-melta and a 20-25 transport capacity. This couldn't need to be more than 200pts right?
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What about the fw dreadclaw? Holds 20 'zerks, comes from reserves on turn one, deepsrikes and squad can assault after deployment. Also can choose to land on opponent vehicle with no chance of missing

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Ok, yeah..that's the thing I was thinking of. I've only been on receiving end

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