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Opinions on Spartan Assault Tank, and a long time wish!

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Hey Folks

I am looking for a way to deliver a large number of Khorne Bezerkers quickly up to my opponents deployment zone. I have looked at a few options, and I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on using Spartans. Are they worth the points? Do they hold up? Does their size make assaulting harder?

Any other suggestions I may have missed would be welcome as well.

Last thing:

Why can't GW make a stripped down Land Raider. Remove the Hull mount and the sponsons. Just have a single pintle mounted Multi-melta and a 20-25 transport capacity. This couldn't need to be more than 200pts right?
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They definitely became a lot more viable with the single grenade nerf in the new faq.

In regards to the sparta, I find it worth the points due to the increased points capacity and the improved loadout, plus the extra hull point, compared to a land raider. I would never take a standard land raider, but I will take a spartan.

It's all personal opinion in the end - I have had much success with my proxied sparta, to such a degree that I cannot make any excuses anymore and have to buy one :p
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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