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Hey guys, (I hope I'm posting this in the right forum)

I just got offered an airbrush set for relatively cheap as part of a package deal with a lot of paint and some minis, however I was wondering what your opinion was on it, as it isn't THAT cheap :laugh:

The compressor is a "Mini Air compressor AS18-2"

with these specs:
Type piston compressor, oil free
Output 1/5 HP (150W)
Rotation speed 1450 / 1700 rpm
Standard volume 20 - 23 l/min
Pressure setting range 0 - 4bar
Adjustment range on: 2,0bar out: 4,0bar
Actual operating pressure in continuous operation approx. 2,5 bar at 0,2 mm nozzle
approx. 1,7 bar at 0,5 mm nozzle
Max. pressure 4,0bar
Hose connection 1/8" (9,51 mm)
Cable length 1,9m
Nozzles suitable for all types of airbrush with nozzles 0,2 - 1,0mm
Dimensions 255 x 135 x 170mm
Weight 3,9kg (light and portable)
Noise ca. 47 dB (low noise level)
Overheat protection available
Shutdown start / stop automatic

The brush itself is a Paasche VSR90#1

an older model Dual Action gravity feed brush

He is also throwing in an airbrush booth like this

What are your opinions on this set? It will be my first steps into airbrushing and the appeal to me is that it's a complete working set, where I don't have to buy anything else for a while.

The main use will be to get smooth basecoats and OSL effects.


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Specifically on the compressor, it will suffice but my suggestion (speaking from experience of having something like the AS18-2 and having to upgrade) is to go for a compressor with the additional air tank like the AF186 if you can as that will provide a smoother airflow without the loss of pressure mid-spray. I gather this is a package offer from a third-party so you may not have a choice but it may be worth checking if you can get hold of the air tank separately in your region to upgrade it yourself.

The airbrush booth is useful to limit/confine/extract the spray mist especially if you are doing it in your house rather than a dedicated garage or hobby room.

Airbrush wise, the one above will again suffice but you will probably upgrade later on once you improved to a point where you need a finer, more controllable nozzle.

I'm sure others will chip-in soon with more advice but this is my 2-pennies worth.:wink:

Updated Info: Just out of curiosity, I did a very quick search on eBay and found this complete set similar to what I'm using...

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Thanks @Wookiepelt! Well I am a starter on airbrushing so no need to get top notch gear just yet. :) I also read somewhere that getting a longer hose might alliviate the airflow problem. I'm thinking retail price of this to be about 180 euros... (that airbrush is hella expensive over here) plus there are about a 100 paints, weathering powders and every hobby tool I can think of included in the deal. (Price is 200-250)

On your edit:
Thanks for looking around :biggrin:
I saw that exact set recommended earlier on another forum as a good starting point... now to wonder if I need all the extra gubbins...:unsure:
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