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Opinion of Army Painter products?

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Hey guys,

So I picked up the Mega painting set 2 of Army Painter paints from Amazon a week or so ago and have been trying them out.

I personally like using them. I think I can get some good detail out of the paint without having to buy individual shades from Citadel. I like being able to dip my model into the shade that I want once the base coat is finished, and get the desired shade! Or, in my case, just brush the shade that I want on as it comes in a squirt bottle with the package I bought.

Some things I don't like a whole lot is that the paints are pretty watery, unless you spend ten minutes shaking up the bottle.

Some awesome things are that the bottles are squirt bottles, so I could squirt on a piece of wax paper and I'm good. I also like that you get a lot more paint in one bottle that cost an average of 2.99$, so they're far more cost efficient!

I'm just curious to see if anyone else used/uses these types of paints or hobby tools? I also use their brushes, but they're just meh. (The "three most desired miniature paint brushes" came with the mega set.)

Does anyone use the Primers? I haven't used those either, but I've heard mixed things about these things too.

What do you guys think???
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True sir, G.W paint is€3:30 for 12ml, and Army Painter is€2:50 for 18ml.
Actually, If you're looking on Amazon it's that price, however directly from their website, it's almost 4$ cheaper.

If you're looking for some inexpensive paints to at least try, Amazon offers a starter set that's about 22$ that will get you 8* paints along with a wash. It also comes with an "Insane detail" brush, which is the name of it. It's a good brush for highlighting. I have used them a lot more since I posted this and have had some good results.

I am painting Word Bearer Chaos Marines and after priming with spray paint from the local hardware store, I base paint with the "Dragon Red" as well as the flesh tone, black, silver, ect. I then wash over the entire model using a larger brush with the "Strong wash" which gives it a nice dark color, but not too dark. The Mega set 2 comes with all 40+ paints and 3 washes and 7 inks as well as the 3 best modeling brushes. The inks are used for individual color washing, but again, you can use the "Dark Wash", "Strong Wash", and "Soft Wash" based on your preference. Just depends on how dark you want the shadows to be. I will post a picture of one of my rough figures. I haven't finished any as I am doing bulk painting, and by no means am I a professional or really very good. However, with these paints/inks/washes I am doing a lot better than I would be with Acrylics which is what I used to use to save money!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Citadel paints, but I don't like paying the 40 something dollars for the set of basecoats which really only have like 6 paints. Then pay 6-7$ for each paint/wash after that. I also don't like having to match basecoats to washes then to layers. Based on the "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures" book, one unit requires 5-7 paints EACH! That can get pretty damn expensive.

It's definitely worth the 22$ to try out a set of their paints. So, I would recommend it!

(*is an approximation. I can't remember the specific amount.)
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