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"Knowledge is power. Guard it well."

+++ Motto of the Blood Ravens chapter +++​

019.M41 - Blood Ravens Battle Barge Litany of Fury - Father Librarian Clavios Josephus' cell

The whisper of voices unrecognized, telling the Father Librarian of things to come. They always spoke in whispers, these phantoms of the psyche. Their whispers filled him during his time of meditation, extending the tendrils of his perception to wrap around each voice and listen intently for anything of interest. Most of the time the voices chattered of events long gone, of things that not even he could perceive... Yet there was always that inescapable voice that escaped his perception. Always running at the first sign of the Father Librarians prodding. He knew the phantasm was Astartes. One of the reviled fallen. It spoke the black tounge, corrupted speech from the Book of Magnus. But in this hour of meditation the Father Librarian was determined to find this voice and listen to what it had to speak of.

Josephus began by extending his perception inch by inch into the void, taking care to stay away from the places of pure darkness and stay within what he perceived as areas of relative safety. At least safety one versed in protecting his mind from the daemons that turned psykers like him into agents of the respective Gods of Chaos. Suddenly his perceptive tendrils found the particular voice he was looking for, always cursing and speaking verses of heresy. He slowly inched his way towards the voice, making sure to take it slow as not to alert the spirit to his presence. All Josephus needed was to brush the voice, glean its information and decipher its intention in his minds eye. He was so close he could taste the acridity of the void, the intricately woven and arranged crystal mesh grew cold against the back of his shaven skull. He quickly extended his perception, finally catching the voice off guard. Josephus quickly wished his had diverted his attentions elsewhere, his tendrils retracting to his own mind as if he had been burned by a psychic fire. The foresight that flooded his mind was almost overwhelming, causing the crystals to form a frost over the pale skin of the back of his head as it attempted to compensate for the sudden rush of psychic energy. He could hear cries of agony, indistinct daemonic chatter and the laughing of a lone Thousand Sons sorcerer and finally the image of Kaurava III being immolated by green fire filled his mind. Blackness soon engulfed Josephus as the planet burned through and through.

Father Librarian? Father Librarian Josephus?

The codicer had visited the Father Librarians cell per request, only to find the librarian slouched over on the floor. He knelt down and shook his fellow astartes by his shoulder plate in an attempt to wake him. There was blood seeping from Josephus' nose a sign of over exertion. It took a few more tires until the Father Librarian would stir, his eyes fluttering for a few moments before he regained his senses.

Father Librarian, are you alright? I came bearing the list of Epistolaries that have been inducted into the Ordo Psykana as per your request. Only to find you in this state...

Yes... I am fine. But we have little time... I have seen the doom of Kaurava III. I will select the finest of the inductees. Five to be exact and you are to have them report to me. Hurry my brother, only the Ordo Psykana can combat this threat... For if we do not defeat this enemy they will spread doom across the Ultima Segmentum.

After placing the data slate at the corner of the slab Josephus used for his personal effects the codicer stood up quickly and nodded his head, turning and quickly striding back to the Librarium located deep within the battle barge Litany of Fury in preparation to carry out his next orders. Josephus waited until the codicer left to stand and deftly swipe at the blood with a cloth hanging from a rung near his armor stand. He threw the bloody cloth onto the slab and picked the data slate up and looked down. He considered the options. This was a fine bunch, ten in all. Selected to form two of the Ordo Psykanas strike teams. There was only need of six, the chosen he would call them... He slowly began to choose from the names listed.

(Thats your cue guys! If you're interested post your characters up and we'll get this RP started. First come first serve.)
Rules: (I only have a short list of rules. Please uphold them and the Rp will run as smooth as oil in a servo arm.)

1. Character deaths are possible, but will try to be avoided unless the player does something that gets him killed. Otherwise I'm going to try and keep everyone alive for the duration of the campaign.

2. Please be balanced with your equipment and weaponry. This needs little explanation as it'd be sorta lame if everyone had Storm Bolters and Krak Missile launchers. So please choose your characters effects wisely.

3. I realize that at times Real Life can come and bite us at any moment. Even so I ask that you post atleast every two days. If you can't do that PM me and I'll move the RP along controlling your character as if he were an NPC until you return. Please alert me if you're going to drop out or become bored with the RP. If you have an idea shoot me a line and I'll try my best to incorporate it into the RP.

4. Of course its turn based free form (By free form I mean there will be no dice rollers, injury and/or death will be at the discretion of the player in question and the GM.) With that said I ask you to be as reasonable as possible when battle scenes are playing out. Nobodies character is going to come out of the campaign without injury. Although all our characters are Psykers does not make them invincible.

5. No forcing another players characters. This also goes without saying, if you'd like another players character to perform an action ask him in a short OOC bubble at the beginning of the post. Otherwise you are to control only your character at all times.

6. This is a graphic RP with adult themes and gore. That means that there will be an occasional curse word or grisly death scene. Its just part of the RP.

With those rules in place I think the RP will be fun and free form as possible without letting players get too out of hand. If you have any ideas for more rules shoot me a line.


I am looking for a group of 5 players who are going to play as Psykana Epistolaries of the Blood Ravens Chapter. New recruits sent to undertake their first offensive against the forces of Thousand Sons Traitor marines. This squad must recover a page containing forbidden knowledge from The Book of Magnus and destroy the traitors inhabiting a Ordo Hereticus ship thought lost that has appeared from the warp in the Kaurava system and threaten to summon a Daemonic Champion on Kaurava III. As new inductees they will be accompanied by a Father Librarian (Played by me.)

If you'd like more information on the Secret Order of Psykana please read here.

Character Template: (Please be fairly descriptive.)

Name :






1. Projectile Weapon. (I. E. Bolter, Melta, Flamer and Plasma Weapons. All squad members must have one of these.)

2. Close Combat Weapon (In this RP close combat weapons will consist of any Eldar Power Weapon with the exception of Scorpions Claw, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear or Wailing Doom. Also I've decided to add Imperial Power Weapons to the mix as well, keep in mind that the weapon is linked to the Beacon Psykana. So once you choose your weapon you're bound to the Beacon as well.)

3. Side Arms (Such as Bolt or Las Pistols. Nothing too powerful. Just something you'd use when all other weapons are out of use or lost to your character.)

4. Krak or Frag grenades. (Four for each Psykana Member)

Equipment: (A brief description of Power Armor and any other systems and equipment. Artificer armor is allowed. No terminator armor or dreadnoughts please. As this is treated as a sort of tactical strike team. As a side note all Psykana members are required to wear a psychic hood.)


Now for my Father Librarians character template.

+ Name +

Father Librarian Clavios Josephus

+ Age +

Exactly five hundred standard imperial years

+ Appearance +

Standing at the height of exactly seven feet, not overly muscular but built large enough to exude a commanding presence. His hair is non existent, keeping the normally jet black locks shaven to the scalp. His eyes are of a gray matter, his patrician facial features and copper tone skin are strikingly similar to Chapter Master Azariah Kyras.

His face bears no ills marks or scars, only service studs crafted from the darkest crimson jewels adorn his right brow in recognition of his many years of service to the chapters librarium.

Other distinguishing marks include the Chapter Symbol branded just below his right eye and the symbol of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica set in the center of his forehead. This delicate metallic emblem often glints like a third eye, just above the temple.

+ Personality +

After the indoctrination and induction into the Blood Ravens Josephus turned out to be a difficult soldier to lead. His abilities as a psyker were manifesting more and more rapidly. He was so confused about everything- all these new things he had experienced, the memory loss on a massive scale, and the uncanny ability to flip an ork warlord on it's back. He was terrified at the new situation and grew to have a displeased manner about him, introversion and self thought became all that Josephus seemed interested in. Josephus was constantly on a quest for self-discovery, trying to find information about himself that he didn't know- he didn't understand why these things were happening to him, and why "him". Josephus wished that it was someone else, someone different, someone without a family.. Someone who didn't care about how they were viewed by other people; most "normal" people would get terrified when someone ran past them like a taurian bull or sent a speeder bike soaring with a simple demonstration of strength. He hated it back then, and he hated the fact that he couldn't find his purpose within the chapter. Until his inception into the Librarium where he would be taught and tutored by the finest Psykers and teachers of his chapter.

Though, over the many years prior to his induction into the Ordo Psykana, he had grown accustom and accepted his fate as a librarian. He would never question how he was blessed by the emperor with these strange powers, nor would he care anymore. His duty was to the Emperor of Mankind and the Great Father. His hatred against all things chaos manifests into him saving others from the pathetic fate that many other unfortunate people had suffered- specifically: turning into a plaything of the Dark Gods. He grew to be skilled, wise, and knew more about the lore of chaos then most librarians during his time as an epistolary. He knew weaknesses, strengths, behavior patterns and the way most chaos beings acted. He was what someone would call a "veteran"- he's seen it all and lived through it all to tell the tale, though, not without help from his genetic augmentation. He saved countless people and killed countless warp spawn- it's a statistic he's glad to have made. With the new outbreak of chaos activity in it's beginning stages, he knew all the paths and what he would do- he's been through it once before and survived it, what's another undertaking going to do? Josephus is ruthless to enemies and selfless to others in the imperium that serve the emperor in earnest - he knows how it feels to be in a situation such as this, and he tries his best to remedy the situation whenever possible for the betterment of his Ordo, His chapter and the Imperium of man.

+ Background +

Hailing from Trontiux III, Hive city Marche in the Ultima Segmentum. Clavios Josephus was born exactly five hundred standard imperial years ago to parents of a now unkown origin. His psyker powers began to manifest at the age of six, during a traumatic experience he unleashed a torrent of psychic lighting incinerating both of his parents and four other occupants of different hab units. This marked him as a prime candidate for the Scholastica Psykana or more to say the Secret Masters of the Blood Ravens and the few Father Librarians of the Ordo Psykana. They recognized the raw and untapped psychic potential that was predicted to later become a hero to the chapter and the Ordo.

Five years of training with the Scholastia Psykana and indoctrination to the Blood Ravens chapter moulded his mind and soul. After his initial training with the psykana he was placed as a Lexicanum under the Librarian Raphaelus. Raphaelus was a member of the Ordo Psykana in secret and began to tutor Josephus in the ways if the Librarian, turning the young man into a potent codicer and later on an even more powerful Epistolary. A full hundred years had passed and he was finally inducted into the ranks of the Librarium as a full fledged Librarian. Although this position was to be short lived

During The Rahe's Paradise Discovery. A Dark Eldar Autarch challenged Josephus on the fields of Rahe's Paradise. During an earlier battle the same Autarch immolated his mentor infront of him with psychic energy. Josephus cursed the Eldar name and vowed revenge upon meeting the xeno again. The battle was intense and even the Father Librarian overseeing the battle was aghast at the onslaught that Josephus unleashed. Fierce melee combat ensued and by the time the battle was done with all Eldar within striking range of Josephus was burnt and slashed. It was said that he kept the Autarch alive and aware for hours by sheer will while he scoured the Eldar with psychic lightning.

These and other heroic actions had impressed the Ordo Psykana and Chapter Master alike, a promotion to Father Librarian soon followed. Many years and martial engagments later Josephus is called by the Emperor through a psychic vision to find a lost page from the Book of Magnus and destroy its knowledge. For if it were to be unleashed the entire galaxy would go up in flames....

+ Weapons +

+ Mk IV Astartes Umbra Pattern Bolter +

- Chambered with Kraken Pattern Penetrator rounds
- M40 targeting scope
- Ammo Counter

+ Scorpion Chainsword +

- A chainsword of Eldar design. It is a lightweight one-handed chainsword used by warriors of the Striking Scorpion Aspect.
- Monomolecular-edged.
- Imbued with a psychic link to the Beacon Psykana

+ Mark III Bolt Pistol +
- Close combat
- Last resort weapon.

+ Krak Grenades +
- Four Total

+ Equipment +

+ MK 6 "Corvus" Pattern Artificer Armor +
- Standard Auto Senses.
- Communicator.
- Many of the changes made to Josephus' armor are non-standard and are one-offs for his particular suit power armor, many additional, purely ornamental adornments are added to recall major campaigns or battles the Chapter and Ordo Psykana have fought in. Over his suit began to recive individual upgrades. Such as a Psychic Hood and a prized Adamantine Mantle made from a rare crimson tinged threads of adamantine.

+ Warp Spider Jump Generator +
- Used only twice in the two hundred years of posession.
- Taken from a Warp Spider Eldar Warrior.
- Danger of Warp Entities trapping the user during a teleportation.

+ Standard Space Marine Backpack +
- Power Source
- Stim Dispensers
- Gyro Stabilizers
- Waste managment faculties.
- Ect. (I could go on for a while lol.)​
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Name : Thantos Enikteous

Age: 479

Appearance: Dark brown skin. A single cloudly blue eye. His left side of his face, up to his left eye, and his right leg up to mid-waist has been replaced by bionics after being mauled by a Mawloc. His skin bears many scars, on in particular is a small purple pinkish scar in the center of his abdomen. Out from it stems small purple spirals, which reach ever further with every passing decade.

Personality: Viscous fighter. Even by Astartes standards, he had lightning fast reactions, almost one par with that of the Emperor's Children of Slaanesh, and is subjected to the constant vigilance of the Chapters senior Librarians and Chaplins. However, his faith is sure and incorruptible, and his determination and force of will know no bounds. Outside of battle, he is quite friendly and talkative. Once the battle is started, he is ruthless and steadfast in his purpose. Once given an objective, he will not rest until it is completed. He is generally distrusted by people who learn of his origin and the mark on his chest, and so is eager to prove his devotion to the Emperor, more so than regular marines.

Background: Originally a high sergeant of the 5th company. Some of his notable actions were the war on Aldria Prime. This agri-world was being besieged by Tyranid forces of an unknown Hive Fleet. His squad was separated from the main force by a Mawloc attack, which had relieved itself directly underneath Thantos, resulting in the loss of a large portion of the left side of his face and his right leg. The Mawloc then set about devouring his squad, but Thantos fired his plasma pistol into the side of the mawlocs face, drawing it's attention. He then proceeded to destroy it's face and brain matter with a volley of quickly fired plasma shots, which was very risky given the temperamental and possible hazardous nature of plasma technology.

His other main notable action was on Truvia VI. Here the Blood Ravens faced a warband of the Emperor's Children. In the first drop, the commanding officer was killed by AA fire, and his drop pod sent broken into a bottomless gorge. Thantos then took command. Although the crusade was long and bloody, Thantos forced the noise marines back until the were faced with their last bastion. As the walls crumbled under the repeated fire of vindicators, Thantos' men broke through. Thantos faced the Chaos champion in single combat. Thantos wielded his power sword and plasma pistol, but the Chaos champion wielded a Blissgiver. Whilst they were both Astartes, the Chaos Chapion has the blessings of Slaanesh, so was faster than even Thantos. Eventually, the Chaos champion broke through his defense and scraped the skin of his chest. However, is was enough to send Thantos into a coma of ecstasy.

Whilst the battle raged around his writhing corpse, a battle was taking place in Thantos' mind. He was fighting a losing battle to overcome the imbued of the daemon in the blissgiver and escape from the coma. As if he was tied to the fate of the planet, whenever he was about to lose, it looked like the loyalist forces would lose, and whenever he started to win slightly, the Emperor's children were pushed back. This continued for several hours, until in one last desperate push, Thantos broke free of his shackles and gasped upright. Around was a scene of pure carnage, corpses everywhere, but the banners of the Blood Ravens were still held high. In his break-out of the coma, he has also broken a barrier between his mind and the warp, and started to manifest psychic powers. However, he was not yet free from Chaos taint. Where the Blissgiver had pierced his skin, there was a purple scar, with thin faint purple spirals coming off of it. Many feared it was a sign of corruption, but Thantos pleaded his faith, and swayed the objections. However, he was place under near constant supervision of the highest ranking Librarians and Chaplins which were to enact the Emperor's mercy at the first signs of his corruption.

Weapons: Flamer, Force rod, Bolt pistol and Frag grenades

Equipment: Psychic hood which has thin wraithbone vein which helps the psychic hood act in a similar way to a Ghost helm. The reason for this was, as he has escaped the clutch of a daemon before, and bares the peculiar mark on his chest, it was suspected that he would be more liable to daemonic possession, and as such a Ghost helm was stripped back and part of it inserted so that his psychic hood acts like a ghost helm, masking his presence in the warp from daemons. Artificer armour which has several anti-chaos wards and lithergies to offer Thantos as much protection as possible. Obviously, a large portion of his body is bionics.

Hope this is ok!
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Hey. Sorry, life has been a bit hectic. I was in hospital for about 3 days, and since then have just been recovering and unpacking from holiday. I've been trying to get round to posting on all my RP's and this was just the one I had updated most recently before I left. I'll have a post up by today.
Errmmm...ok, I'm kind of begrudged to ask this question, but can I post again before the update, as I kind of has a bolt pistol to my head and a very angry Blood Raven who wants some answers. If you are going to resolve that during/after the update then ok, but if not, then I think Aaron is going to want his answers before we move on. That, or he'll just shoot me at the risk of me being a heretic, and despite my absence of late from this RP, I'd rather not be kicked from it.
Alright so I'm kind of confused. You [The Psyker] said that me and Deathbringer were to take down Ilea. So how will that work. Deathbringer posts, Stillos posts and then I finish the job, for example. Or am I now out of this equation as I've already posted. But yeah so *scratches head*
Alright cool, I just wanted to enter the loop of events at some point :eek:k:
So what are we supposed to be doing now, I'm slightly confused at this point?
Basically, we are kicking the (hmmmm...don't think I can swear here, or I shouldn't, what could be an appropriate substitute?...) Tzeentch out of some more rubic marines until your chaos possessed father shows up, then we collectively wail on him. Anything I've missed?
Sadly Stillios, I think so.
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