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Time to clean out the closet. The rarest stuff I am willing to give up are a freebooter boss, 4 freebooters, a Snakebite nob (would also make a great fantasy boss) A Runtherd (also cool in Fantasy), a Painboy, and a Mekaniak. I have about 50 shootas and arms as well as orky plasma guns, plasma pistols, power axes, claws and other orky weapons. I also have the original Ghazkull, and a few metal squigs and grots. I have full painted (not tterribly well) squads of commandos and Stormboys, as well as some metal lootas, but these I am less willing to give up and so a tempting offer will be necessary to pry them from my grasp. I also have some OOP Eldar that I would like for other Eldar, I have fire dragons, warp spiders and Dark Reapers, And a war walker with all weapon options. All are the original metal. Unfortunately I misplaced my card reader so no pictures, but I will try to get some too.

I am looking to trade for the following:
OOP Metal Eldar Guardians with shuricats
Wraithguard and Wraithlords
Space Marine Scouts, all varieties
Terminators, Deathwing or Vanilla, old or new
Dark Angels characters, veterans
Round 40mm and 50mm bases!
Pretty much any NIB Dark Eldar, Eldar or Marines will be considered.

Thanks for looking! Please email offers to andrewweakland AT gmail DOT com.
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