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hey, its me, i'm a little slow on the uptake of things, and i don't really notice things like that until someone mentions it...... nightmare in school i was :so_happy:

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I won't hold it against ya. On to the WH40K!

My Marines advanced quickly through the bombed-out ruins in the rear of the Administratum complex, heading for the Governor's offices. Jaeknos flanked an armored door, while Dvorn kicked it down. Mikaelus bowled in a grenade and Orks screamed. A pall of smoke eruped from the doorway.

Kale hefted (of all things) a Nemesis hammer. I drew my own Thunder hammer, and battered through a few bloodied survivors. Lorien placed a bolter shot through the eye of a Nob.

A domed room appeared before us. The ground had been dug up, revealing muddy earth. Smoking corpses were piled around the arena, and a few buggies had blown apart. A huge Ork Boss was sitting patiently on a pile of scrap and skulls, cradling a massive Kustom Shoota.

"You gladiataz now, umiez!" screamed the Boss in extremely bad Low Gothic. "You die now!"

Sirius pulled his bolter and fired a shot into the Ork's torso, blasting a great crater in it's Mega Armor.

The Ork pulled it's own weapon and blew Mikaelus backwards, his armor shredding great pieces as the Blasta ripped him apart. Blood and armor fragments spattered the rest of the squad.

"Damnation!" yelled Larken, more in surprise than anger.

"Yea, umie! Dere's more fer yoof too!"

It hefted the Blasta in one hand, and the Kustom Shoota in the other.

The Kytharin scattered, followed by my squad. I threw a combat knife torn from the floor into it's side, but it merely angered the Ork.

A Kytharin in full armor, black with grey trim, leapt high over the Boss, knives thunking into the Ork's torso and back. He then drew a Neural Shredder and fired point-blank into the Ork. The Boss shrieked and slashed a Power Klaw across the warrior's face. The Kytharin screamed a beastial cry and toppled over, clutching his face.

The Boss shot wildly into the tight clutches of Kytharin, killing two and wounding a further trooper. He tossed the Shoota away and screamed.


A huge mass of Orks exploded from the outer rooms, filling the space in moments.

"Now, Kale! Warriors! Repent! For Tomorrow you die!"

Lorien jumped to the top of a destroyed buggy, and whipped a grenade into the Orks, blasting a great hole in their ranks.

The Orks hit our line, and my world shrunk to a tiny piece of land, green skin and painted ceremite coupled with scaly bluish skin and grey-on-black armor. I saw Dvorn slice an Ork in half. Kale smashed a second to pulp with his hammer. Lorien stabbed an Ork Nob through the eye. I saw the Kytharin wounded by the Boss rise, a terrible wound across his face, cutting through one eye, and down his face diagonally.

A severed head flew by me, teeth still gritted. I smashed an Ork with the Thuder hammer, and fired my bolter into the tightly packed Mob. The Orks began to thin, and left Lorien, Kale, Sirius and myself against the Ork Warboss. The boss yelled incomprehensibly and charged.

He battered past Sirius, cutting off the young marine's arm at the elbow. Kale smashed the Blasta to ruins, and the Warboss smacked the Kytharin back into the melee. Lorien stabbed the Ork through the torso, into the wound Sirius caused earlier. I threw a second knife at the Ork, which embedded itself in it's bionic eye. The Ork shrieked and smacked me aside. Lorien pulled her sword out and swung into the Ork's neck, slicing the head clean off it's shoulders. The head had a shocked look on it's face even as it fell off the body.

The rest of the Orks had either died or ran. Jaeknos, Dvorn, Larken, Kale, and ten Kytharin stormtroopers stood among the blood, stooping over wounded, checking ammo, and generally looking rather calm for having survived an attack.

Sirius was lying in a pool of rapidly reddining mud, his breathing rapid. I wrenched off his helmet, noting the white Templar cross on it was stained with blood.

His face was white with shock, short blond hair matted against his head. I injected a vial of painkiller and blood-loss agents into his neck, and scrawled P and Z onto the white part of his helmet, replacing it on his head.

Dvorn and Larken picked up Sirius and hauled him into the courtyard.

[Command, this is team Atair, reporting from zero-zero-nine west of drop zone, mission completed. Requesting lift for wounded and operational personnel.]

[Team Altair, this is the Hawk of Asahiem, ETA thirty seconds. Medicae on board.]

"What's the PZ for?" asked Dvorn, staring at Sirius' helmet.

"P for painkiller and Z for Blood-loss control, because B looks too much like P when you're in a hurry."

"Got it....just make sure he lives, alright?", Dvorn had his helmet off, and had an armored hand on Sirius' chestplate.

"Roger that."

Hawk of Asahiem floated overhead twenty seconds later, and dropped winches. The living members of my team clambered on board, as the medic dropped to the deck to minister to Sirius.

In my hand I held a red fragment of ceramite. A piece of Mikaelus' armor, to pay my respects on board Aay'han. On a lighter note, the Warlord was dead, opening the door for the rest of the strike force to smash the Orks' aside into Teklet.

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Since the first offensive, Teklet had become our new base of operations in the western barrens. Our Intel had reported that the Ultramarines had moved into the southwest, and had faced off against a second Warboss. The main Ork army was now to the northeast, and the distress signal we recieved from the north. I threw every extra minute into getting Sirius and Jinart (The Kytharin wounded during the battle, and Kale's consort, I later learned) prepped for surgery. Sirius demanded Jinart go first, and we simply stitched the wound on her face closed. She wore a black bandana over the wound later. Sirius recieved a bionic arm built by Krae and Thumiel, our two Techmarines. He simply refused painkillers, and cursed fluently through the implantation surgery.

I seemed to walk much more now. I had less to occupy my time among the bastion, which had become a viable fortress since we had fixed it up and cleared the Hrud from the lower warrens. I knew my way around from many sleepless nights, eventually culminating in practicing Bolter drills with Dvorn every night. He had a few dozen scraps of vaguely human-shaped plasteel set up, and one by one we would blow holes in them. Kale and Jaeknos quickly developed a rivalry, Jaeknos' meltagun versus Kale's custom Storm Bolter.

We had refitted the shuttles with extra fuel tanks and weapons, ready to drop on Imbranii, the source of the distress call. Three nights after Sirius' surgery, he was declared fit for duty by the lesser Apothecarium. I checked him myself, then shook his hand (The new one. Seemed fitting.) He immediately beat Dvorn and Larken in bolter drills, which earned him a small keg of Fenrisian ale. The warband had taken a liking to it after fighting on Fortuna, a planet protected by the Space Wolves. We had picked up Fredric, a self-proclaimed brewmaster, on the condition he made it for us.

The next day the call came in from orbit.

[Ground control, this is Aay'han, we have uncovered large numbers of Ultramarines fighter-aircraft on inbound flight to your position tracking zero-two-two-west. Prepare to engage Thunderhawk class and ground support.]

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So it would happen, that sixteen days into the Threshold campaign, that the Ultramarines of Captain Saphentis (the successor to Captain Sicarius) found our keep in the western barrens. They advanced slowly, killing hundreds of Orks and burning Teklet to the ground. The main thrust of the attack focused on Ork camps and townships, while nearly one and a half companies, comprising the 2nd and half of the 3rd, attacked our stronghold (Now dubbed Kasr Redoubtus by Kale's stormtroopers).

We had little time to prepare the defense, but we managed to put up a wall of rockcrete and plasteel, hoping the Ultramarines would smash themselves to bloody ruin against the walls.

On the seventeenth day, Captain Saphentis attacked.

[Ultramarines units entering fire envelope, all batteries, fire at will!]

I stood next to Kale on the parapet of the walls. The Kytharin was standing next to Jinart, who was wearing a black bandana over the terrible wound on her face.

"So it begins."

The gate splintered under mass fire, and a Land Raider Crusader smashed through. A team of Ultramarines charged our line.

Two Space Marines near me opened up with a twin-linked heavy bolter, shredding a few Ultramarines. Another was blasted backwards by a Kytharin with an Exitus lasrifle. A White Consul near me was shot through the slit in his helmet. The Land Raider erupted in flames, and I saw a marine in Space Sharks livery give me a salute near his smoking Lascannon.

I nodded my thanks and drew my thunder hammer as more Ultramarines vaulted into the trench. The first marine rose with a snarl and whipped a crackling power fist. I ducked, and he smashed the Marine behind me to bloody pulp.

I smashed the thunder hammer into his left leg, and broke it. He growled and swung at me again, smoldering the purity seals on my armor.

"Vile heretic!" screamed the sergeant.

"We are not heretics, my brother...we are the most faithful of all." I responded, locking our weapons together.

"We are not brothers, traitor!"

"Of course not...my mistake." I stomped down hard on his broken leg, and smashed the hammer into his chest, crushing him.

Kale diposed of the body stuck to his halberd. Even more Ultramarines poured over the wall, killing my marines. I saw Larken stab a screaming Chaplain though the back, then behead a member of his retinue. The Company champion stuck a glowing sword through Larken's helmet. Larken fell without a sound, blood gushing from his visor and rebreather.

I threw my combat knife at the man, pinning his hand to his chest. He growled, and Jinart whipped a second knife at him, passing straight through his helmet, and impaling a second Marine. Sirius smashed an armored gauntlet with his bionic arm, drawing a grunt from the marine. He shot the man point-blank, blasting his chest into fragments.

Captain Saphentis reared up from a group of mismatched marines, roaring. He blasted Dvorn aside, a bolt glancing off his chest plate.

I quickly worked my way towards him, killing every Ultramarine I could see. Saphentis snarled and charged me. I smashed my thunder hammer into his chest plate, stunning him. He toppled over.

"You have lost, traitor. Endex."

Endex. It was used by marines to mean "end of exercise".

"No." I said simply. "No, I've not lost yet, and I don't plan on dying by your hand."

Saphentis heard crashing footfalls behind him. And by then it was far too late.

Arbalan the Unchallenged drew up a massive piston-driven war hammer, and smashed the Captain of the Second to a gory crater, exploding his armor and spattering me with fragments of armor and gore.

An Ultramarines lieutenant stepped back in shock.

"The Brother-captain is lost! We have lost! Brothers! The demons have killed the Lord-Captain! Fall back! Retreat!"

The Ultramarines retreat turned to a rout as we shot them through the back, then they broke and began to run, throwing aside empty gear bags and ammo.

A day later, we pushed the last few bloodied survivors out of the west.

I strode across the battlefield, noting the sheer number of Ultramarines bodies in comparison to our warbands. We had lost many, but the Ultramarines had taken crippling losses on the planet. Larken's body was recovered, and we took his cloven helmet back to Aay'han for a ceremony. Sixty-five new helmets sat on small stone pedestals in the Hall of Remembrance. The bodies were unceremoniously thrown down the well of Karak-barj (a supposedly never-ending hole in the planet, and the reason behind the bastion's construstion).

Kale stood next to me, Jinart beside him.

"So, is it over?"

I sighed.

"No, Brother-Xenos, it is only beginning."

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Folks. I have to be frank. I love the fact I have 250+ hits on this, and maybe..six replies?




[Aay'han, this is Ven'couyt, requesting landing vector for ODST and armored support.]

[Aay'han to Ven'couyt, welcome to the system. Landing vector zero-zero-two-six-nine. Be advised, mixed allied and enemies around drop zone. Drop area is hot, mixed AA and Triple-A.]

[Aay'han, Coordinates recieved. Be advised, Fleet base Nox Ultima fleet in-system in one standard week.]

As I remembered it, Ven'couyt had been built at Nox Ultima around fifty years ago, and had fought during our "agressive negotiations" around the Democles Gulf Crusade. Aay'han had been built around the Gothic War, to help with the tide of heresy rising from the Eye of Terror.

I had a feed on my HUD of Ven'couyt off the port side of Aay'han, firing drop-pods and Thunderhawks. Many people didn't know it, but the motley chapter of Marines known as the Reclaimed had twelve ships, including Prosecutor (Stolen from the Dark Angels), Aay'han Built at Kiel Shipyards) , Ven'couyt (Also from Kiel) , Dirge Eterna (Salvaged from high orbit over Shenlong) , Kel'dabe (Kiel) , and the massive War-Barge Cult of Deliverance (Stolen from the Salamanders and rebuilt at Kiel).

We stood in the bay of Hawk of Asaheim (Stolen from the Space Wolves on Fortuna. I remembered Fredric telling me that Wolf Lord Ragnar himself had flown in it.

[Team Altair, this is Castra Redemptor, proceed to point two-two-niner-delta, three-six-six-gamma. Distress signal located. Aerial pic-captures downloading to your HUD now.]

[Castra Redemptor, Team Altair proceeding to coordinates.]

Hawk of Asaheim banked hard left, flying towards the distress call.

[Hawk of Asaheim, this is Brother-Captain Damien of Ven'couyt, reporting sucessful touch-down, two klicks south of target area, engaging Ork resistance.]

I hit the comm-link.

[Captain Damien, this is Team Altair. Reporting to Drop Zone in six minutes.]

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even better that u are continueing the story but I wanna know the history of these guys such as how they were formed and the reasons why also whos side are they on chaos?imperium?or under somother influence .......maybe eldar or even tau

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This should answer some of your questions.

I remembered the ramp dropping. I remember a grenade.


I see myself, a young initiate of the Black Watch, fighting the Necrons on Thermopylae.

I see myself years later, as a Lesser Apothecary, fighting to save a faceless marine's life.

I see myself, forming the warband out of the fires of Aegis VII, when the Black Watch had been almost completely destroyed. Cut off and surrounded. Left for dead by the Imperium we sought to protect.

[Attention all Imperial Forces deployed on Aegis VII, this is Segmentum command. We have to withdraw, pending an Exterminatus. To those who cannot reach the drop zones, the Emperor be with you. You are on your own.]

The drop zone came into view as we crested a ridge, watching Thunderhawks and Valkyries take off. The last ship is gone. But the Exterminatus never came.

We fought for seven long years, and finally secured off-planet movement. We built a powerful pirate fleet around Cult of Deliverance and continued to fight against heretics, xenos, and demons. But never, never again would we fight for those who left us to die.

From Aegis we secured a base of Black Watch marines. We found three Tactical units of Imperial Fists on Erebus, left as well.

From Fortuna came a unit of Grey Hunters, and a few Thunderhawks.

And from everywhere, dozens of marines flocked to us. Distraught with the Imperium or harboring secret doubts, they came with the promise of absolution.

You are on your own.

Dvorn shook me hard.

"Brother Apothecary, rise!"

I blink, and wipe my visor clean. Sirius and Dvorn are beside me, while Lorien, Fredric, Jaeknos, Krae, Jinart, Kale, and Marchel are firing into a squad of Slugga Boyz. Kale is firing his Storm Bolter while Jinart has a Pulse rifle from somewhere.

Sirius pulls me upright. "Justinian and Luther didn't make it."

He indicates the pile of broken armor and gore that used to be Marines. I nod.

"They aren't the first, and won't be the last."

Fredric lets Dvorn take his place in the gun line. "Altair," he says, gesturing with an Auspex. "The distress call you received is only a klick north of here. We've intercepted multiple Ork units fleeing the area. I'm not getting anything on the Auspex."

"Is that contraption working?" Sirius said.

"I mean there's nothing on it." Fredric replies.

I take the Auspex from him. Sure enough, there's a black spot around a klick wide over the area. I give Fredric back the machine and draw my bolter.

"Well, then. We'll do this the old-fashioned way." I say calmly.

Fredric nods. Lorien pulls her power sword from the last Ork. My Marines begin the trek north. If I had known what we would find, and the consequences of it, we would've destroyed the whole city from orbit.

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UPDATE: In order to facilitate the moving in of idiot friends who cannot move in on their own, I will be unable to post the ending, which is kind of tragic because the ending was so kick-ass it literally exploded my computer while I was writing it.

First there was this awesome scene where the Space Marines kick Ork ass, then the attacked a temple and had a huge fight sequence with the guards. Then there was one scene where two of the Marines kill a huge floaty gun thing, and finally they confront the final boss, and use the helm of +20 Disintigration to blow it up.

Seriously, though. It was really cool.


P.S. I'm posting the ending Sunday.

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The Ork was dead.

That much was certain. It's eyes were glazed over and brown blood dripped into rusting patches on the deck. The entire body was speared on a pike, which swayed in the wind, giving an impression of life.

I shuddered. We were at the doors of a vast chapel, the center of the disturbances. A massive icon was painted in blood on the doors, running down to pool at our feet. Lorien shouldered past me, and threw open the doors.

The chapel was empty, except for the bodies. Thousands and thousands of bodies, piled up in heaps. Men, women, and children all piled into the corners and spaces of the cathedral. I heard Jinart swallow over the comm.

At the very back of the chapel, a Heavy Bolter sat on an Imperial-issue tripod, with two Guardsmen dead behind it. I turned away.

The loader coughed.

I whipped around, and grabbed the man, dragging him away from the sight of the bodies.

"Can you hear me?" I said quietly.

"Maria....Maria..." he said softly. He opened his eyes, and choked as he saw my blackened power armor.

He screamed.

"Be quiet!"


"Space Marines, Guardsman. Not Chaos."

He relaxed a fraction.

"They're down below...the dead things that came up from beneath....with the fangs and claws and eyes like volcanos...they're demons! Like the demons from the stories with their eyes on fire and their guns.."

His eyes rolled back into his head and he fainted dead away. I dropped him gently to the flagstones.

"Lorien. Call Hakon. Tell him I need to borrow the Demonhunter."

The Demonhunter was the nickname for the only Grey Knight to live on after his service to the Emperor. We had contacted him discreetly, over decades, and finally he was pronounced KIA after fighting Ghargatuloth. We picked him up a mile from the demon's dead corpse, and he was effectively the first and only Grey Knight to leave the chapter. After Abbadon The Despoiler's 16th Black Crusade, the Grey Knights had been expanded into almost 4000 Marines strong, holding down the many hotspots across the Imperium.

The Demonhunter's armor was gunmetal grey, with golden inlaid designs. A cape of brown feathers hung from his armor, and Purity Seals draped his frame. His name was Sven, and he was among the only few who could combat demons effectively in our warband.

Sven nodded, hand on the grip of a Nemesis Halberd. "I can sense the demons."

As soon as we stepped out of the stairwell, and into the catacombs, the room turned to hell.

Massive piles of bodies were stacked around, filling pits the size of Land Raiders. Fire erupted from chasms in the earth, as a sickly reddish sky was torn by lightning. Spears and spikes exploded into the sky, dozens of feet tall. Torture racks were strewn about, each with a screaming figure wound into the metalwork, beside putrifying corpses bound with thorn-rope and hung from twisted trees. Even from our vantage point, the place was vast, stretching to a distant horizon.

Sven simply bowed his head.

"I am the point of His spear, I am the tip of His sword, I am the edge of his Blade, he is my armor as I am His Zeal.."

Mocking laughter echoed around us.

"Foolish sons of the corpse-god, you think you can prevail over the Thrice-Blessed of Chaos itself?"

A huge figure reared out of the smog, appearing behind an altar. It's armor was ancient, blackened with gunfire and dirt.

"I require six more sacrifices to claim this world for Chaos. Tell me, false brothers, where might I find such persons?"

The Chaos sorceror cackled again, and charged.

Sven was first to react, swinging the Halberd around to face the Chaos marine. The weapon glanced off the sorceror's armor, and the traitor stabbed Sven with a writhing black blade. Blood erupted from Sven's mouth, and he fell backwards. A second stroke cleaved Jaeknos' legs out from under him, sending him to the ground. Fredric managed to parry two strokes before a third left a gaping wound in his side. A fourth sliced his chest open and he tumbled to the ground. Sirius' power sword stabbed through the sorceror's thigh. The Chaos Marine punched the young marine, cracking his helmet visor and sending his to his knees. The traitor brought his knee up, cracking Sirius' armor and crushing his throat. Lorien parried a massive stoke, and shot the sorceror point-blank with her plasma pistol. The sorceror screeched. A second shot burned through his chest. The Chaos marine drew back his sword, and stabbed Lorien through her stomach. She screamed in pain as the Demon Weapon leeched her blood out.

Finally he strode up to me, his weapon still smoking. Kale and Jinart rushed down the stairs, followed by Thumiel's and Hakon's marines.

"Good...more deadmorsels for His furnace."

The sorceror took and lunging step, and I threw up my Thunder Hammer. Screaming warp-forged steel met ancient metals forgotten by man in a shower of sparks. I smashed the traitor's helmet with a single stroke, stunning him. We fought for minutes, it felt like. Parry, thrust, block, swing. I realized I would never beat him. We were equally matched in nearly every regard. With a last effort, I stepped inside his attack, taking a hellblade straight through my chest. I felt warm blood stream down my face and into my armor. With my last reflex, I smashed the heretic's helmet into a thousand fragments, exploding his head into gory fragments and black ooze.

His titanic body hit the floor with a dull clang, and the room shifted, becoming the stone-and-wood basement of the cathedral. Darkness began to seep into my vision. Hakon caught my body as I tumbled to the floor.


I opened my eyes, Hakon had taken off my helmet.

"Hakon...command falls to Gregory. Give Kale and his soldiers a full Marineship, and induct them into the company. The Reclaimed will report back to Kytharia......You are on yoru own."

"You are on your own..." he echoed. I felt my life slip away as I fell into oblivion.

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Kytharia, Ultima Segmentum, Aprox. Six months after Threshold

I stepped lightly into Lorien's room, my armor shining from a cleaning in Kytharia's forges. My chest still felt tight around the scar where I had been wounded. The medicae had told me that it would take time to heal from a Hellblade.

Lorien was propped up on a hospital bed, reading a data-slate. Her wound had been much worse than mine, and she still wore a length of bandages under a simple cloth shirt. Her armor shone like a beacon next to her bed.

Kale and Jinart sat on a small couch, Jinart cradling a small bundle. I saw Kale smile, and he nudged Jinart, who tilted the bundle so I could see.

"Venku." said Kale simply, stroking the young Kytharin's head.

"A good name." I replied. Venku was a word in Kytharin that meant "Future", I recalled. Sirius was in the other chair with Dvorn, a large scar running down his face. Sven was dead, we had sent him to Titan with an Inquisitor we had contacts with to be buried with his brothers. Fredric was still in the ICU of the medicae, and we were unable to see him. The Hospitaller told us he would be fine.

Aay'han was still in orbit, and the last of the Reclaimed had been evacuated from Threshold just as the Imperials entered the Cathedral and discovered the Sorceror. I had taken what was left of his helmet and placed it next to Larken's other trophies in the Hall of Remembrance. Arbalan had come and seen me during my stay, his footfalls angering the Hospitallers so much we were forced to meet outside the grounds.

Lorien stood up, placing her hand on Jinart's shoulder when she winced at the pain.

"So, where next, boss?"

I realized all the marines, and Kale and Jinart, where looking at me.

I cleared my throat. "Well..."

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That was one of the best fluff storys Ive read in ages better than a lot of the GW stuff....:biggrin::biggrin: Is there a chance of any more?:) So this is set in the future mmmm I wonder whats happened to the other races...
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