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What's the saying about eggs and baskets? That if you put them all in one secure place, they won't get shattered piecemeal in small quantities, right?

I'm tired of Wraithknights and Daemon Princes ruining my day. Time to take the fight to them, I say. Time to shove my Hand of Darkness so far up their asses that they'll be coughing up chunks of, uh... this metaphor really got away from me. Make a joke about proctology, maybe, to salvage it? But what's that got to do with darkness? Ok, nevermind.

The idea is: get a functionally invincible, invisible, prescienced, highly mobile Lord with his magic one-shot-one-kill weapon into base contact with the hardest target the enemy can field and crush them. Obviously, his hard counter is enemy units with Eternal Warrior and/or a good invuln, but that kind of means fielding Lysander, Draigo, Abaddon, Grimnar, Ghazkhull... you know, those big guys who don't get onto the table much. Nobody in my meta (besides me) so much as brings Be'lakor, often...

Obviously, such a list will have problems with tanks (such as the Knights that are real popular these days, due to being so tough and so good at killing anything in the game) or MSU scoring-spam. So those are considerations that the rest of the list will try to take into account. This guy is only there to take out the real potent annoyances.

So. Hmm. Dual force org, since I'm specifically trying to build this list with Prescience and without bringing in Daemon allies (because then the temptation to go Daemons main contingent for Fateweaver's sake is too tempting, when coupled with Be'lakor's codex flexibility after taking the Lord), I need both the Hand of Darkness and the Balestar of Mannon. Also, as a rule, I like taking battle-forged lists, since my mind has not yet been wholly unshackled from the constraints of the false creed of "balanced" gameplay in this age of "we achieve balance by making everything so OP that half the armies have access to broken, obscenely potent combos." So, without further ado:

Black Legion

210 - Lord w/ bike, SoC, MoT, VotLW, Spineshiver Blade, Hand of Darkness
350 - Be'lakor

175 - 5x Chosen w/ 2x flamers, 3x melta, champ w/ meltabombs, Rhino
175 - 5x Chosen w/ 2x flamers, 3x melta, Rhino

175 - Forgefiend w/ 2x HAC

Crimson Slaughter

160 - Sorc w/ bike, Balestar of Mannon, meltabombs, ML3, force axe

50 - 10 Cultists
50 - 10 Cultists

210 - 5 Chosen w/ 5x plasma, Draznicht, Rhino

175 - 7x Chaos Bikers w/ 2x melta, champ w/ meltabombs

115 - 5x Havocs w/ 4x autocannons

T1: Forgefiend (w/ Prescience when the Lord doesn't need it) and Havocs are on popping light vehicle patrol. Rhinos with Chosen rush upfield then pop smoke in range of Be'lakor's Shrouding aura for 3+ cover. Bikers get priority on getting into the Shrouding bubble (for 2+ jink) and/or getting Invisibility, depending on where I want to deliver my Lord & Sorc. I figure with 2 melta shots before a charge and 3 meltabombs,* plus any pincering I can do with 3 melta shots apiece from the BL Chosen squads, I should have a good shot at taking out a Knight or two.

* Counting the HoD as essentially an at-Initiative meltabomb.

The Lord shouldn't have trouble against soft targets thanks to his AP3 daemon weapon, and anything AP2 he'd likely be using his HoD. And hey, that's what the Sorc with the Force Axe is there for (to say nothing of that even better chance of IDing a Wraithknight, albeit after it strikes, if I flub a 1 on the Fleshbane to wound roll, or fail a rerollable 3+ to hit, or a shield's 5+ invuln saves its hide... and if the Sorc rolls a 6 to wound with Force active)

I wanted the Skull of Ker'ngar in the bikerblob (2 fewer bikers to make the Lord immune to ID? Sure!) except that the active anti-synergy of the Balestar negating the Skull's Adamantium Will made that a bit too bitter a pill to swallow. I guess I'll have to rely on a 3++...

The alternative is to run the Sorc in Termi Armor instead of on a bike and keep him back, but then I run the very real risk of not being able to cast Prescience on the bikers: kind of the entire reason I'm running him in this list. Still considering alternatives.
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