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One more soul for the gods

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Greetings fellow heretics and evil do'ers (as well as those goodie two shoes space elves and spehss muhreenz, I greet you grudgingly), also those who support the races unable to communicate without turning you into biomass or exterminate your life as a way of saying "hi"

Anyway, I am a supporter of the two most hilarious armies to exist in the 41st millenium.
The savage legions of the chaos space marines (Sure they are marines, BUT SO MUCH COOLER)

And the other army, none other then the Orks, These guys are just too awesome to not buy their stuff.

I Love the colors of the black legion and it also supports my love of chaos undivided (though slaanesh scorcerers are too much to pass up the lash)

And for orks, I just paint them all sorts of colors

Enough about my armies, lets introduce the mastermind behind them.

I live in a place that can only receive the name of "BUTTFUCKNOWHERE Population: WHAT?"
I am one of two known people who play W40k and the other is a 8 year veteran, while I only have a few months experience (you can imagine the hell he gives me in games)
Im sure there may be a few shameful individuals in this town who collect the models but since there is no club or equivalent for players to meet and play, its rather complicated.

Thus im left to play a guy who uses space marines, nids, and tau (the three most retarded to play against races when they are handled by a master like him) Out of the several dozen games weve had, ive only won maybe 5

The guy also likes to play so much it drives me mad (he's obsessed with the game, and even other games, "just lemmy finish my dailies oh look its 12am time to do them again") And he's almost driven me away from 40k cus he would bug me constantly just to own me again.

Thus instead of constant gaming, (also waiting for a new update) Ive begun painting my army.

Now im not a pro painter, but I will post pictures of my progress.

See you around, LET THE GALAXY BURN
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Hi there, welcome to Heresy!

It'd be great to see some of your work in the modelling and painting section. There are a wide range of different levels of talent when it comes to painting here, all of which would be more than happy to help you out in any way possible.

Enjoy your stay.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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