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Have you ever had one of those games that you weren't so keen on going into but turned into one of the greatest games you've played?

For me it was tonight a 2 a side game of Apoc me and my friend getting 2500pts each and first turn against 2 other friends with 5000pts each (for a total of 5000pts for us and 10000 for them). I honestly expected this game to be done in two turns with us being destroyed but it turned into an epic 7 turn 6 hour! game and we won!


* 1st turn 20 demo vets charging a plague tower for 20 autohitting meltabomb hits destroying it and sending it apocalyptic destroying 12 terminators it was carrying and leaving 2 melta vets from each squad standing.

* By end of second turn having wiped out 5000pts of CSM.

* Watching Scabiathrax finally get to grips with the eldar titan and rip it apart.

* Having to name 2 melta vets (Karl and Edgar) who had survived the entire game (they were survivors of the first turn plague tower ambush) killed a falcon shot 2 terminators and just refused to die for the entire game. (had to name them at insistence of all other players also had to promise to paint names on the bases).

* Observing how lethal Eldar Titans are and how resillient.

All in all one of the best games I've had didn't stop laughing and joking through entire thing.

So have you had one of those games that went beyond all expectation?

I am Alpharius.
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Afraid that I have not, but it sounds like you had an enjoyable experience!
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