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OLD DEAD Gallery Rules and Information

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Gallery Update.

Hello everybody,

At the moment Gallery Pictures are approved a few at a time so that all get a reasonable amount of time in the limelight and we get some new bits every couple of days.

Boring bit:The main Gallery is for finished painted models only unfinished minis should be put in a WIP thread, in the appropriate forums Or you can put them in My Albums. or the Unpainted Conversions if that applies.

Please only submit your own work as GW gets very upset when they find their stuff where they have not put it.
If a mate or relative wants their stuff up get them to join the forum don't put it up for them.

Thank Mork thats done.

If you Have a look at whats in there Please leave a comment, feedback on peoples Models encourages others to make submissions.
If you have to make a criticism make a constructive one or if you have nothing nice to say probably best not to say anything.

Looking forward to seeing all your Artworks and Miniatures!
Viscount Vash.
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New Gallery Latest pictures at the bottom of the main forum page!
Click the pic for a close up.
(Thanks Jezlad.)

New catagory for Specialist Games now open!
Eyes down Everybody for

Pathwinder14's Class Eldar- Converted Wave Serpent
Go on click the picture! :D
Thanks to everybody who has submitted pictures so far!

Oh and keep an eye out over the next few days for Darkmessiah's contributions as they get put in, some really nice work indeed.

New race specific sections now in the Gallery, go see your favorite army in one easy to find place!

Chaos Space Marines
The Inquisition
Dark Eldar
Imperial Guard
Space Marines
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The Original post at the top of the thread has been updated to take in some points on the Submission Rules that have changed.

Thanks to Wraithlord, Hephesto and Slade for the lovely goodies old and new.

Please see new rules HERE
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