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I need some help making a blood angels list 500, 1000, 1500, 2000
my friends are very casual and dont care about specifics on the characters if you say it has something(like a sm with a bolter can have a plama gun if you want)

here's what i got:
1 stromraven
2 droppods
3 rhinos
1 baal pred
1 dreadnought ~right now painted for death company but can be whatever
2 Sanguinary guard squads
2 Sanguinary priests
5 terminators
35 assault marines
10 tac marines
1 librarian
6 captains
1 dev squad
3 hq Astorath, Sanguinor, Mephiston

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Some things have....changed for BA since the last Codex. Only Tactical squads and Scouts are Troops for us now, but there's the Flesh Tearers Detachment from the Shield of Baal: Exterminatus campaign book that allows for more Fast Attack choices and only one Troops instead of the other Detachment options that pretty much all require two Troops choices. That being said, we have a Death Company Dreadnought that can fill one of those selections in the form of Cassor the Damned (Shield of Baal: Leviathan). From what I see here, I would likely stick with the Baal Strike Force Detachment from our Codex, which is the same as the traditional FoC but has an extra (and mandatory) Elites slot since we have a dieseled Elites section. Without thinking too much of points just yet, I would roughly organize your collection into:

Sanguinary Priest w. Jump Pack, Valour's Edge, Bolt Pistol

Sanguinary Guard - the way you like them/are modeled

10 man Tactical squad in a Rhino

Cassor the Damned

Drop Pod (must be taken as a Fast Attack choice, used to transport Cassor immediately to the front lines)

After that I would season to taste. Also I would get some Death Company, another Drop Pod, and some more Tactical marines.

Alternately, if you went with the Flesh Tearers Detachment you could drop the Tactical marines entirely and just use Cassor, the Drop Pod, and the Priest to fill your required unit choices before moving on to fill in what you like.

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The units I suggested are around 750 points depending on what wargear you take. 500 points is....hard for Blood Angels. Now knowing that you have some Death Company to play around with, I would be tempted to start off with something like this:

Baal Strike Force Detachment

Astorath (or a normal Chaplain w. Valour's Edge, jump pack) 125-165

10x DC w. jump packs, two power fists - 280

5x man Tactical squad in Rhino w. meltagun, combi-melta (or heavy flamer, combi-flamer) - 135

5x man Tactical squad in Rhino w. meltagun, combi-melta (or heavy flamer, combi-flamer) - 135

Cassor the Damned (rules in spoiler tags below) - 140

Drop Pod - 35

This (with a Chaplain) totals to 850 points (drop Cassor+Pod and add Astorath and maybe a couple bodies to the Tactical squads for 750). You could add in a Baal Predator to accompany your Rhinos and help block LoS on the DC, you could take a Devastator squad for some backfield support, lots of options. Do you own a copy of the current Codex in one of its various forms yet? If not, you can always check out Battlescribe on your phone or as a program for your computer. It's a pretty consistently up-to-date list builder that covers 40k quite well. If nothing else it can help you theorize lists without spending hours writing things down on paper.

Just so you know, this isn't a very competitive list and BA aren't a very competitive army in the grand meta of things these days....if that matters to you.
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