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Evening everyone, I would imagine that this has been spoken of before, but at a glance I couldnt see any previous so thought I would get some opinions on what is the modellers fav leman russ kit? I just completed an old kit (bought on ebay for 18quid!!) And had forgotten just how the kit has changed. To be honest, I prefer the old kit, you get the extras such as track guards, storage boxes, chunkier turret and a box type thing that sits on the turret which seems to be gone on recent kits. Although you get lots of weapon options the overall building experience seems lacking with the new kits, the engine is central, meaning you cant get the stowage compartment, crew hatch and back of turret is all fixed, to me, it seems a little empty. Although the track assembly is easier... I kinda enjoy the challenge of the old tracks... having it look a bit loose and hanging makes it have a ww2 charm to them. I am old school with models of gw in general, but do like most new stuff, its just the old tanks I love. What do you think people? Love to get some thoughts... mayby gw will redesign again in the future... I will add some pics of my new (1st) russ for my Vaughton 1st regiment, names Sally 'B! Got some extra bits and tally charts painted and added to my army pics, check it out if you can. I wanted to upload on this thread, but my internet is playing up. Thanks everyone


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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