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i play my daemons as my main army
i ran them so far with few list i like and they were good but i havent played them so long ,cuase ive been playing my orks so far forgot all my list hate to start over again ok heres what
i got

all the hq
1]keeper of secret
1]skarabrand[this puppy i build it on my own]
4]blood thirster
1]great unclean
1]skulltakers either or on juggernuaght
4 of the heralds
lord of change[oracle]

6]feinds of slanesh [thats six of them]
9]flamers[9 of them]

1] 20 man troops
6]15 man troops[6 troops of them]

1]10 man
5]15man[6 troops of them]

fast att
20 dogs[hounds]

2]daemon prince one with wings n with out wings
6]soul grinders

now that sum of what i got cant remember all the stuff i have
reason for one nurgle he is a monstrouse creature rest of the nurgle i didnt like the feel of them
zyentch do like hav few of them

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Yup I Do

wait, you have 6 soul grinders? o_O

anyway, I'd get some plaguebearers and some more fiends. Then you'll have all you need.

YES 6 grinders i use to play apocalypse soul grinders r good when i played them i never had them get destroyed easily [yet]but i ditch the tongue and always give them the spit power [eeeew darn a looogie that monstuosity just spit at me]
THIS LIST OF ALL THE DAEMONS ooops caps i have srry just dont like the bearers

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list of daemons

ok here u go spelling [and]n]gramer oops srry ooh darn [ok here you go][grammer][sorry] [little] lil]just dont like type long words short hand lil bit sorry.
i like to get into the combat, and make the player on the other side of me grin in pain as i put a little bit of love of the bloodletters
i like the flammers they[are] r ]a must, cuase i have a necron player that says my flamers are the only one he respect ,cuase i sat them monilith down to the ground with a imobilise result [breath]too hot for him hehe

five bloodthirster if u count skarabrand which i made from 2 thirster bits and a minator lord bits from fantasy

as[you] u can [see]c] i only have korne, little bit of zyentch, and slanesh.
i dont like the nurgles they didn't appeal to me as of no hitting prowess just toughness

like my korne
just go ahead and make a list that deals out alot of damage and shooting that counts when it should. Srry for the type o. Just not good at it,and I play wow to much

bloodletters they r tough
nettes hmmm they r good but found they are lil fragile but viable

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srry chumb

Here u go chumb. I like to play a list that deals out damage in the troops area. I want to fit the flammers in the list,and the shooting department it either the grinders,or the 2 daemon prince. the HQ department, well take a pick. That list is a list of all the daemons that I have.

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Much better, thanks.

Flamers are good for killing off infantry, but you'll need to get them out of their transports first. 3 units of 4 Flamers with bolt backed by chariot Tzeralds with bolt should be enough to slow down mech. Grinders are melta-bait, so bring multiples or none at all. 2 Flying princes gives you a good deal of CC presence too.
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