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Ogryn Tactics

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I play a very shooty guard army at the cost of close combat.

Picked up a couple of my mates converted Choas ogryns he made for a never finnished trator guard.

Now i have them, i would like to use them, how should i go about doing this?

Cheers Vulcan539:eek:k:
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they really that bad?
no, chum just likes to label everything as fail.

a unit of ogryns can be a very useful counter attack unit for a shooty guard army, afterall eventually the enemy is going to reach you, be that via deep strike or just walking over to you, and given the choice between counter attacking with guard or with ogryns there really is only 1 choice.

a chimera is also useful for them, great for moving up with other units to help hold an objective, keeping them out of sight until the guard are hard pressed or the enemy gets close for you to move up, unload your guns and charge.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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