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Ogryn Tactics

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I play a very shooty guard army at the cost of close combat.

Picked up a couple of my mates converted Choas ogryns he made for a never finnished trator guard.

Now i have them, i would like to use them, how should i go about doing this?

Cheers Vulcan539:eek:k:
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Deploy them on the shelf, save yourself some points :p
Pretty much, for the price you pay you aren't getting a lot. Ogryns are tough, but not Eternal Warriors, scoring or very killy themselves. Platoon blobs hold enemies up better, shoot better and can score.

With a Priest and Commissar Lord they can be decent, but you pay way too much for them.
I thought they couldn't be joined by a priest, something about them getting confused by his preaching.
So even worse then. At least they have the Commissar Lord.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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