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Ogryn Tactics

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I play a very shooty guard army at the cost of close combat.

Picked up a couple of my mates converted Choas ogryns he made for a never finnished trator guard.

Now i have them, i would like to use them, how should i go about doing this?

Cheers Vulcan539:eek:k:
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ogryns are grate i love them i sometimes run two units of 5 in a chimeras but there are a lot of down sides so hear i go

thay are points heavy for 265p for 5 and a chimera then more for a ic, ponts depending on witch ic witch ever one you use its a lot of points

low I so thay tend to go last in cc but a good T helps keep them alive (hope fully).

low save so if there not in cover or in a chimera thay will be shot apart your opponent will throw everything at them, winch in some cases is what you wont to help the rest of your army.

there ld sucks so if you wont them to stick around thay need some help the cheapest is the primaris psyker good ld and his powers are useful, the lord commissar is good can help out with a pw, but the best and most expensive for the job is commissar yarrick now he lets you re role to hit on the turn thay charge and makes them fearless but any one who is worth there salt knows to pick these blokes off first so keep them at the back of any cc preferable close enough to help out tho.

that's enough of the bad things now the good points.

good T your opponent needs to throw a s10 shot or a force weapon at them to cores instant death.

when they attack they hurt first thay shoot 3 s5 shots each and on the charge 4 s6 attacks now that's going to smart. and with the same ws as sm there not letting people hit them to much and even if thay are 3w they are not going any ware.

now a little trick is to take creed and give a 10 ogryn unit out flank ouch i love doing that there face expression alone makes it worth it i tend to have an ic ( yarrick normally) meat them when they come on.

i hope this helps.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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