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Most importantly you need one unit of Bulls for your army to be legal

Yeah I wouldn't suggest Leadbelchers for a good while as their simply not worth it in a smaller army, I only have two units of two with no upgrades or command in my 3000 Point army.

I'd certainly suggest Bulls and Yhetees. But there is one thing lacking in this army which you need. At least one unit of Gnoblars.With the new shooting rules and the fact units with more models are stubborn make Gnoblars much tougher than they once were, at 2 points a piece with 2 shots each their a very worthwhile investment, but you need a regiment of bulls before you can have Gnoblars

So to summarize we're looking at this:

Tyrant (The Tenderiser, Kineater, Heavy armor, Wyrdstone Necklace) - 311 Points (note you have 5 more points of magic items/big names than allowed for a Tyrant)

Butcher (Skullmantle, Siegebreaker) - 180 Points

Butcher (Bangstick, Power Stone) - 180 Points

5 Ironguts (Banner and Bellower) -270 Points

4 Ironguts (Banner and Bellower) -222 Points

Leaving you 337 Points before you hit 1500.

Now you need bulls in your army, the bull setup I use is below:

6 Bulls (Ironfists, Light Armor, Bellower, Standard Bearer) - 288 Points

which would leave you 49 Points, this I'd advise filling with Gnoblars.

24 Gnoblar Fighters - 48 Points

Now you still need to change your Tyrant a little, those five points could pay for two more normal Gnoblars or a Gnoblar and the upgrade one to a Groinbiter

Those are my suggestions, I hope they help
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