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I managed to get a look at the new magic items and thought it about time to try a list.

LORDS, up to 625pts

Tyrant, Silversteel armour, Thundermace 300pts
Gives him a good save and a template(no partials:wink:)

Slaughtermaster. 290pts
Talisman of preservation,golden seal sword, skullmantle
2 tooth gnoblars.
A good ward save, high chance of striking first and -ld tests.

HEROS, up to 625pts.

Bruiser1, BSB std of bloodlust, hvy arm. 214 pts
I was tempted by the flaming attack banner but rerolling attacks is to good to miss on ironguts.

Bruiser2, Armour of destiny,greatweapon. 188pts
Highly survivable character with good ward and greatweapon.

Hunter. Beserker sword,iron curse charm.2 hounds 210pts
Frenzied warmachine hunter with ward against warmachines a bit of a risk but needs trying.

CORE min 625pts

5bulls +std (slaughtermaster in here) 185pts

5 bulls+ std (bruiser2 in here) 185pts

6 ironguts, std +bellower 318pts

4 ironguts, std, bellower runemaw (tyrant +bsb) 242pts

2 x 24 gnoblars, groinbiter. 100pts

SPECIAL. up to 1250pts

2 leadbelchers 110pts

1 scraplauncher 165pts

For a total of 2442pts all within the % limits
I'm not totally sold on the hunter yet and I really wanted the banner that gives flaming attacks but I'll probably save that for my gunline version as the chance to put it on a leadbelcher unit is to funny to miss.
Theres also a wizards hat magic item that makes the character a lvl 2 wizard but it's expensive and I'll probably save it for the gunline army.
All in all the chance to get some decent armour and ward saveswas to good to miss although I may try the sword that gives +3 attacks out on the tyrant.
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