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Played a few games today, one was with my Ogre Kingdom army against my former Skaven army. We had both played against these armies, but neither of us had commanded these armies before this game.


1x Grey Seer
3x Warlock Engineer
3x 30 Clanrats (2x Ratling Guns, 1x Warpfire Team)
2x 20 Slaves
1x 25 Plague Monks
1x 25 Storm Vermin (1x Warpfire Team)
1x 3 Rat Ogres
1x 5 Jezzails
1x 9 Night Runners

Ogre Kingdom

1x Tyrant
3x Butchers
2x 4 Ironguts
2x 3 Ogre Bulls
4x 2 Leadbelchers
2x Slave Giants

This is not a batrep, but more of a summary of the battle.

I was really impressed with the Gutmagic, even though I kept thinking that it was rubbish when compared to other lores. Funny thing, with Gutmagic and 3 Butchers, I can cast up to 9 spells per turn (including the Bangstick). And having 5 dispel dice and 2 scrolls means that I should be able to make it into combat before I suffer from too many offensive spells. So, Magic was pretty good for me.

The Leadbelchers did a great job as well. Rolling was pretty typical, with one Leadbelcher doing 5 wounds onto his own unit (which had only 6 wounds to start), but the remaining Leadbelcher held and continued the game only to fall at the hand/claw of a Rat Ogre. The other Leadbelchers managed a loverly 32 hits between them, though they only managed one volley the entire game. Using them to tie up units until the hardhitting Ironguts arrived worked great.

The Giants did a great job as well, even though one was shot to death in the back by a Ratling Gun. The Giants were paired up and took on a full unit of 25 Plague Monks and ripped them to shreds. After three turns of combat (the second Giant engaged on the second turn), the Plague Monks were wiped from the board, as was a full unit of 30 Clanrats who happened to witness the event.

The Ogre bulls and Ironguts were shot to pieces by Warp Lightning cast with irresistible force, or spells I simply failed to dispel. Oddly enough, the Tyrant's unit (Tyrant, 4 IGs, Butcher) was completely untouched and managed to remove a unit of 30 Clanrats, and a unit of 25 Storm Vermin.

By the end of 4 turns, the rats had only a single Ratling Gun, the unit of Night Runners, unit of Rat Ogres, and the Jezzail Teams left on the board. The Ogres had the Tyrant, 3 Butchers, 3 Ogres, 4 Leadbelchers, 6 Ironguts, and 1 Giant still remaining.

I still need to work on those Rhinox Riders, but at least I know that the Ogres can face up to an army like the Skaven using tourney legal lists.

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You took a tyrant at 2000pts you fool they are way to exspensive pionts wise save them for 3000pt+. if you used a brusier instead you could have got atleast one more unit of bulls in there.

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Thanks for the mutual respect between gamers.

In my opinion (been playing the game since '95 btw) that extra point of leadership that kept my army in the game after the shooting and magic of the skaven took its toll was worth much more than 3 more sacrificial ogres.

How about rephrasing your reply?
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