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Now all through 7th I ran my Ogres as a gunline and while it relies on a fair bit of luck I did quite well with it especially against the small elite armies that were about like Elves.
Under the new restrictions it's not really viable to run a full gunline army with ogres as all my shooting (other than gnoblars) is in the special section but this is what I've come up with so far.

Lords 596pts total

spangleshard, bloodbath sword, enchanted sheild, ironcurse icon
heavy armour 306

slaughtermaster, Talisman of preservation,golden seal sword
skullmantle,2 tooth gnobs. 290

HEROES 383pts total

BSB, Silversteel armour. 200

Bruiser,armour of destiny, greatweapon 183

CORE 1173

6 Ironguts, msn,std runemaw 338
tyrant + bruiser in here.

6 Bulls,std, msn 240

6 bulls,std, msn 240
Slaughtermaster + bsb in here.

3 bulls, msn 115

3x 40 gnoblars 240

SPECIAL 690pts total

3 LEADBELCHERS thunderfist. 175

3 leadbelchers, thunderfist. 175

3 leadbelchers, thunderfist. 175

scrap launcher 165

RARE 150pts total

2 gorgers 150


I've had to tweak the bull units to be more effective a units of 3 are not good enough against hordes although I ran out of points for the 3rd unit so it stays at 3.
The magic and chracters are a bit nothingy at the moment and any suggestions of good combo's are welcome.
There's no point suggesting more scrap launchers as the 1 I have is enough trouble and has probably cost me twice it's base cost in glue.
ny other suggestins are welcome though.
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