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Og (Unearthed Edition)

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I just bought this awesome game.
You are a caveman, struggling to survive in a hungry, hostile world, chased by Sabrethoot tigers and T Rexes...
You are also stupid and player interaction is limited by the 3-6 words your character knows, the rest is grunting and gesturing! Of course the mood of the game is idiotic...
The PDF manual is simple and clear (even a caveman could understand it) altough it lacks a resume for the class abilities. The character creation is fast, the fastest thing you have ever seen and your abilities and words make up for the most important part of your character! So, despite the fact that you barely talk and tend to resolve anything with a good bashing, brain work will make the difference.
I love it and i am going to try this very soon with my group.
It comes in a pdf edition for a meager 6 €.
Everyone has tryied it or has some hefty resources for it? (previous adventures, maps or funny sketches?)
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