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Officio Assassinorum add-on

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Officio Assassinorum Operatives are an Elites choice in Codex: Inquisition.

The following profile is shared by all Operatives:

Officio Assassinorum Operative:
Infantry (Character)
WS: 8
BS: 8
S: 4
T: 4
W: 2
I: 8
A: 4
Ld: 10
Sv: 5+

Synskin, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Blind Grenades

Synskin: This flexible, rubbery 'second skin' offers a layer of protection without hindering the Assassin's reflexes. It bestows the Feel No Pain special rule.

Special Rules:
Dodge, Fearless, Infiltrate, Fleet, Hit and Run, Shrouded

Dodge: All Officio Assassinorum Operatives have a 4+ Invulnerable Save.

Vindicare Operative - 135pts
Spy Mask: This high-tech faceplate offers tactical readouts, as well as the ability to see across a multitude of spectra. It bestows the Night Vision rule on the wielder. In addition, wounds caused by a model with a Spy Mask are allocated by the shooting player, and Look Out Sir saves cannot be made against such wounds.

Exitus Rifle:
Range: 48"
S: X
AP: 1
Type: Sniper, Heavy 1

Exitus Pistol:
Range: 12"
S: X
AP: 1
Type: Pistol, Sniper

Special Issue Ammunition:
The Operative may use any of the ammunition types given below instead of the profile above:
Hellfire Rounds: These rounds have the Fleshbane special rule.
Shield-Breaker Rounds: Any model hit by a Shield-Breaker round loses any single Invulnerable Save bestowed by wargear - in the event that a model has two items bestowing an Invulnerable save, such as a Space Marine Captain with an Iron Halo and a Storm Shield, the best save is removed.
Turbo-Penetrator Rounds: Any model that suffers an unsaved wound from a Turbo-Penetrator round loses two wounds instead. Against vehicles, the Turbo-Penetrator Rounds roll 2D6+5 for armour penetration.

Callidus Operative - 130pts
Polymorphine: This body-altering drug is the hallmark of the Callidus Temple. A Callidus Operative using the Infiltrate special rule may always deploy up to 12" away from enemy models, regardless as to whether they can draw Line of Sight to the Operative or not. In addition, models may not fire Overwatch at a model using Polymorphine - they appear friendly until it's too late!

Neural Shredder:
Range: Template
Strength: 8
AP: 1
Type: Pistol, Synaptic Disruption

Synaptic Disruption - this weapon rolls to wound against the target's Leadership value rather than their Toughness value.

C'tan Phase Blade:
Range: Melee
Strength: User +1
AP: 1
Type: Phase

Phase: Successful Invulnerable saves made against a C'tan Phase Blade must be re-rolled.

Enhanced Combat Reflexes: A model with Enhanced Combat Reflexes gains +1 to it's Invulnerable Save in the Assault Phase.

Culexus Operative - 150pts
Animus Speculum:
Range: 18"
Strength: 5
AP: 2
Type: Psy-Shock, Assault 3, Pinning

Psy-Shock: This weapon gains an additional shot for every point the target's Leadership is below 8. Psykers hit with a weapon with Psy-Shock suffer a Perils of the Warp attack in addition to any other effects.

Soulless: Culexus Operatives exude waves of horror and revulsion, as well as a null, psychic-dampening aura. Any enemy unit within 12" of a Culexus Operative suffer a -3 penalty to their Leadership value. Enemy Psykers cannot cast psychic powers within 12" of a Culexus Operative.

Eversor Operative - 160pts
Melta Bombs

Range: Melee
Strength: User x2
AP: 2

Executioner Pistol:
Range: 12"
Strength: 3
AP: 6
Type: Pistol, Fleshbane, Rending, Virulence

Virulence: Any rolls of '6' to wound with an Executioner Pistol inflict Instant Death.

Frenzon: This potent combat drug bestows the Rage, Rampage, Counter-Attack, Crusader and Zealot special rules on the user. They also grant +1 Attack. However, a model using Frenzon will explode on death - any model in base to base contact with a model with Frenzon will take a Str5 AP2 hit upon his death. A model using Frenzon must attempt to make a charge at the nearest enemy unit if he is within 12".

I'm not sure if they're still too expensive for their fragility, but by the Emperor they dish out some pain now.
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I really like this idea. Mostly because, RAW written here, I could build a full scout army, then drop in an Inquisitor with a bunch of skulls, and three Vindicaires. Not mocking you, I'm saying I REALLY would do this.

Which means maybe you need a 'one per army' disclaimer. Unless you're ok with this, in which case I intend to have three Vindicaires deployed somewhere very soon. Four, if I put an Inq Detachment with Grey Knights.
Or three Land Raiders. Well, if anyone used three Land Raiders. But it's also great to have three specific snipers, targeting individual models with all the special ammo.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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