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Official HH Reading Order

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Handy for anyone just getting into the Heresy series.

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Some changes from the old list. Some are definitely improvements (Aurelian should go after The First Heretic), but I think Promethean Sun works better at the start rather than later with the rest of the Vulkan stuff. (Plus it really should be read before Feat of Iron in The Primarchs.)
Looks about right. I've always advocated reading the novels in release order. Slot the shorts and limited editions around them as per.
What about Legacies of Betrayal? Read it after Damnation of Pythos, read it at some point earlier in the 20+ novel span it covers, or just split it up and treat each short individually?

(Right now I'm thinking that right before Scars is probably the best place in reading order for it. Is Brotherhood of the Storm the only story in there that's a strong prequel/prelude to something else, or is there another connection I'm forgetting?)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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