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Denizens of the Deep

The Denizens of the Deep’s former homeworld, Nahmu, was once one of the finest oceanic mining worlds in the Imperium. In lower gothic the name translates as ‘Old Mother’ it was characterised by unique hive cities that would submerge onto the ocean floor to mine for precious minerals during slack water and would then process them above water during the rest of the time. The Denizens Fortress Monastery [NAME] was a large battle station left over from ancient times that was tethered to a large bunker on the ocean floor.
That was until Nahmu was destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth and the hive cities were lost, the water dried up and [FORTRESS MONASTERY] became detached floating into space

Upon the destruction of Nahmu the Denizens of the Deep, the then Chapter Master [NAME] looked to his predecessors for guidance and he found it is Sigismund, [NAME] vowed for the Denizens to never fall again and they would prove their loyalty by never resting in his duties against enemies of the Emperor. In that moment [NAME] became the first Fleet Master of the Denizens of the Deep. With no Homeworld the Denizens now live on their crusade fleets, recruiting and resupplying from worlds they save on a per fleet matter.

Upon the saving of an Imperial world the Admiral will demand the planetary governor to hand over his incarcerated citizens to him. For many governors this is a no brainer, without the resources or man power they are handing over a burden, for those that refuse for one reason or another are quickly disposed of, martial law is enforced and the Denizens still get their men.
Once the prisoners are aboard the fleets ships they will be greeted by giants, clad in sea green armour, with eyes that burn like fire. Soon they will learn that these awe-inspiring are in fact the Denizens of the Deep an Adeptus Astartes chapter, loyal sons of the Emperor, His huntsmen of the stars.
First they will be tested by a giant in armour as black as night bedecked in symbols of death and doom, his visage covered by a mask shaped after the dread void stalkers of the deep oceans. They will see if their mind and bodies are sound, yet imperfect. Those deemed acceptable will be carried away and those who are not will begin their training as chapter serfs and ship crew, so they may still serve the Emperor alongside their chosen brethren. Those chosen will begin the long process of psycho indoctrination and physical training to turn their meagre bodies into the perfect killing machines and into a Denizen of the Deep.

Originally the Denizens injected the ink of one of the void stalkers from the deep oceans on Nahmu into the Neophyte as a naturally occuring replacement for the Mucranoid. Since the destruction of Nahmu this resource has become scarce that they have had to revert back to the Mucranoid reserving the ink to replace the Mucranoid in the Denizens that have proven themselves particularly successful.
Those with psychic abilities will soon be adopted by the chapters librarium where they can hone their abilities, learning to summons spectral incarnations of their homeworlds most dreaded creatures or bring forth a tidal wave of spychic energy. Those who show great faith and a grim determination may be favoured by a chaplain and taken under his wing to learn the ways of the void stalker, how to inspire his battle brothers. Some may show a talent with machines, perhaps having spent their youth among the engines of the forge ships and so are sent to an allied forge world to learn the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus. And finally, some may be chosen by the apothecarion to learn how to aid their wounded brethren, treating their wounds or even giving them the Emperor's mercy and extracting their gene-seed so the chapter may survive.

Finally, when deemed ready they are awarded with the last implant, the black carapace. Depending on their skill they will be assigned to a specific unit type, whether that is as assault, support or line infantry. They are awarded with their suit of power armour, an ancient relic from a fallen brother. And so a once humble and frail youth has become the epitome of humanity, the perfect warrior and servant of the Emperor.

After the destruction of Nahmu the Denizens of the Deep reorganised themselves into nine fleet companies which are composed in a fashion comparable to that of a slightly larger Codex Battle Company. Each Fleet Company is an independent entity, responsible for its own recruitment and, as such, there are no dedicated Scout or Veteran Companies. There are a few other notorieties.
• An Admiral leads an individual fleet company
• One Admiral is designated a Fleet Master who is equivalent to other chapter’s Chapter Masters
• The [NAME] fortress monastery becomes the flag ship of the Fleet Masters fleet company
• A Captain is second in command to the Admiral of a fleet and is in command of operations on the ground

The standard Denizens of the Deep colour scheme combines sea green with a grey chest eagle and black pauldrons. The left shoulder pad is the white chapter symbol on a black background. The right shoulder pad is the white unit designation.

Known Vessels

Notable Members

Notable events

So I need names, Chapter(Fleet) Master, 1st Fleet Master, Fortress Monastery etc If I dont use your names for one of those, I will likely use them for names of notable members

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Personally I do not like the name "Denizens of the Deep", it seems more like a name that is barely whispered when talking about the Space Marines of Nahmu. Besides that it also sounds as if it were the code name of a Chaos warband.

I think a similar name would be better, such as Scions of Nahmu, Namorian Lords, or even Knights of Posidon...or some other god of the sea.

Besides that I like the background story a lot.
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