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Obliterator Tactics

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I'm almost done painting my new oblits (with a cool Death guard theme I'll upload later). My question is, how do you guys use them for different enemies? On the board in cover from turn one, or Deep striking behind that Battlewagon or missile Dread?
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The MM is actually a better option between 12-24" than the lascannon except against AV14 (think they are virtually the same at AV13 but MM trumps LC in terms of killing a tank at lower AVs) unless you're simply going for fire suppression. So if you're firing at a transport at those ranges, go with the MM.

Otherwise don't deep strike them. They are some of the CSM's best options because of their survivability and versatility. Keep them in cover if you can so their 5+ invul is improved but they are susceptible to instant death and are quite expensive.
And when you versus a foot list that Tri-las is a huge waste of points Rahl. Tri-las are woefully inefficient when compared to the Dakka and ACLC variants.

@OpTi; that's an issueof the CSM codex but a combination of ACLC Preds & Oblits (usually 2 Preds and 2x1 Oblits or 1 Pred and 2x2 Oblits) to get a good combination of firepower & durability. Chaos have issues with Raiders in that they can't block them and don't have efficient fast or sacrifical melta but at least your friend doesn't have Termies inside the Raiders so once you stop them Marines are a lot easier to kill/tarpit than TH/SS termies.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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