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Obliterator Tactics

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I'm almost done painting my new oblits (with a cool Death guard theme I'll upload later). My question is, how do you guys use them for different enemies? On the board in cover from turn one, or Deep striking behind that Battlewagon or missile Dread?
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3. Shoot target with unit using the following chart:
-Vehicle over 12" = Lascannon
-Vehicle under 12" = TL meltagun
-Infantry = Plasma cannon
-MC under 12" = TL plasmagun
-GEQ in template range = TL flamer


Take 2 Winged Princes w/ MoS and Lash of submission
Take 3x3 Oblits
Spend the remaining points on KB w/champion and power fist AND/OR PM w/ 2 x meltagun. Always buy rhinos.
Lash target forward and group them together with one prince.
Lash them even closer to you with the second and make sure they are all in base to base contact.
Pound the hell out of them with 9 plasma cannons.
Assault whats left with KB and/or PM.
And Repeat.


I've just sumed up the CSM codex in several short and simple steps.
I see the wisdom is most of this. But wouldnt the multi-melta be better for vehicles under 12'' (also, who would be insane to bring vehicles that close to Oblits without DSing?)

As for the strategy, seems a bit thin on how to pop the transports fast enough, especially if they bring in a SS/TH termi-filled LR.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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