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O&G, IG, Orks, UCM - US Only

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Hello Heresy!

I recently realized that I have over 20,000 points over 3 systems (DzC, Fantasy, 40k), so I'm selling off my auxiliary armies before I go off to university. I haven't put them up on eBay yet - I'll be doing that piecemeal over the next two weeks or so. If anyone wants anything before I put it up on eBay, shoot me a message. I'll be happy to send pictures and negotiate prices.

O&G (fantasy)

21 Black Orcs (pro painted, not be me - really well done)
15 Black Orcs (just based black with a few other bits done)
10 Savage Orcs (grey)
20 Orc Boyz (some painted okay, some based black)
30 Spider Riders (10 based black, 10 not, 5 riders missing)
140 Night Goblins with spears (40 black)
80 Night Goblins with bows (20 black)
10 Night Goblins with HW
4 Trolls (Skull Pass, 2 black 2 grey)
3 NG Shamans (Skull Pass, based black)
3 NG Warbosses (Skull Pass, 2 based black, I started painting the third)
1 Giant (well painted)
1 Goblin on a Gigantic Spider (pro painted, not by me)
1 Orc on a Boar (well painted)
1 Doom Diver Catapult (black)
1 Snotling Pump Cart (handmade, not by me, well painted. looks good)
2 terrain tents (Skull Pass)


3 infantry squads (grey, equipped with flamers, vox, AC gun emplacements)
10 Storm Troopers (kind of painted? Flamer and grenade launcher. 1 is converted marbo)
Command Squad (4 flamers)
Command Squad (Melta and Banner)
2 Chimeras (1 is missing a bunch of armor plates on the back, and the guns on top)
Leman Russ
Leman Russ w/ the annihilator


2 Warbosses (1 based black)
10 Nobz (2 painted, 3 sort of painted, none great)
35 Boyz with CC (6 painted, 14 sort of painted, none too well)
4 Boyz with Big Shootas (two based black)
3 Deffkoptas in great condition
3 Deffkoptas in really crappy condition (based black)


6 Rapiers
6 Sabres
6 Bears
12 Legionaire Bases (60 men)
6 Condors (2 built for bears)

All models are built and, unless otherwise stated, unpainted. I'm offering all this here first - I do want to make back somewhat close to what I paid for all this, but I got a lot of it on eBay or second hand so everything will be cheaper than the market price, either by a lot or - if it's in really good condition or well painted - by just a little bit. The busted Deffkoptas, for example, I'd only want about $10 for the busted three Deffkoptas, but $70 for the very well painted Black Orks (down from about $80). I have a rough idea of what I'd like for all this, but feel free to offer away. US only, unfortunately, although if Canada isn't too much more (I've never shipped there, I don't think) then perhaps that could work as well.

Thanks for checking these out, expect concrete listings soon - I hope to hear from you soon!
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Hello again! I just listed my O&G army officially. As I said, many of the models are beautifully painted - see for yourself! If you would like to see any models more closely or at a different angle just let me know.

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