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Nurgle with Coven Allies

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I play Dark Eldar and CSM, and while they don't play nice together in the fluff I would like to start taking different kinds of armies. Of the two armies I feel that the parts that could ally best are the Haemonculus Covens and the Worshipers of Nurgle. This list is supposed to be somewhat thematic so I am taking some stuff for the fluff and not efficiency, but regardless, let me know what you think.



-Nurgle, Sigil, L-Claw, P-Fist, Palanquin
Allied - Haemonculus
-Webway Portal, Liquefier Gun, Scissorhands

10 Plague Marines
-2x Melta Gun, P-fist, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher
35 Cultists
-3x Flamer
Allied - 5 Wracks
-Champion, 2x sniper rifles, venom w/ 2x splinter cannon

1 Mutilator
1 Mutilator
Allied - 4 Grotesque
-Champion, Liquifier Gun, Raider w/ Night Shields

5 Spawn
5 Spawn

Talos Pain Engine

1814 pts.

The Wracks, Grotesques w/ Haemonculus, and Mutilators will deep strike. The Chaos Lord will go with the cultist blob.

I was thinking of adding the anti-psycher item to the Heamonculus. Let me know what you all think. Where could I add some points/shave some off.

Would this be fun to play?

Would this be fun to play against?
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Your changes make a lot of sense. The only thing is that I have converted a Lord on Palanquin and I'm eager to use him. Aside from a Land Raider, do see any viable option for getting him into combat? I also don't have 2 forgefiends, so the Land Raider might be viable instead.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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