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ive just started a chaos army, nurgle to be precise, and i have an idea for a list and tactics and i would like some advice and ideas about it

i havent decided on wargear for the lord and so on so any help with that would be great

Edit : just changing army list to incorporate new ideas 27/10/07

- Terminator Armour
- twin lightning claws
- mark of slaneesh
5 chosen terminators all w lightning claws & mark of slaneesh
Land raider transport

1x marines (10) - mark of nurgle, melta, plasma, aspiring champion w power weapon & plasma pistol (rhino)
1x marines (10) - mark of nurgle, melta, plasma, aspiring champion w power weapon & plasma pistol (rhino)
1x Plague marines (rhino)

1x terminator squad (5-10, not sure yet)

fast attack
2x biker squads
1x raptor squads w flamers

2x defilers 2x CC weapons each
1x vindicator

using 1 plague and 1 10 man squad in rhinos on either flank, rush them foward down the flank and popping smoke when exposed
bike squad down inner flank
raptors on opposite flank (these depend on where the infantry is)
termie lords LR down the centre, popping smoke when exposed
defilers chasing, providing extra CC goodness
vindicator providing indirect covering fire

thats what i got so far, any advice and criticism is accepted

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Step 1 is to buy a codex.

You can't have a basilisk, but you might consider a vindicator, which IS in the Codex.

Plague Marines are Troops.

Defilers are truly shock/assault units as they were originally intended to be. Drop the reaper cannon and heavy flamer in favor of a pair of extra close combat weapons.

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This belongs in the Army Lists section. Moved.

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