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Some touching up on some of the gold is needed as the green shows through. This leads me to believe that there's no enough definition, in terms of shape, between the should plate and the trim which is probably down to your paint being too thick. If painting over an old paint job, try and get a hold of like 1L of 95%+ IPA (Isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, etc) and soak your model in this for like an hour. Then go at it with a toothbrush. Regularly swill the brush in the alcohol.

Always thin your paints down as well. Not like wash thin. 1:1 with water is a good start (and a tiiiiiiiiiiny bit of washing up liquid, like dip your fine detail brush in some fairy liquid, wipe of the excess and then mix THAT in ; this removes surface tension).

I'd paint the horns a different colour too, it's hard to distinguish them from the other gold parts. I used to paint horns like this:

Paint them black.
Get a cheap brush with fairly firm bristles.
Stipple on dark brown with this brush on the top 3/4 of the horn.
Wash your brush and then stipple on a light brush to the top 1/2 of the horn.
Lastly, wash your brush again and then stipple on Ushubiti Bone (Or whatever it's called, I've never used GW's new line) to the top 1/4 of the horn.

And that's it. Relatively quick and pretty effective.

Washes are often best saved until last. It looks like you've painted your miniature green and then applied a brown wash. I'd save that brown wash until the very end, just before you do details.

I paint bone like this:

Paint the bone dheneb stone (Old GW line; use the conversion chart for the new line's equivalent).
Use a brown wash on this.
Highlight the bone with 1:1 Dheneb Stone:White.
Then do an extreme highlight in pure white.

Extreme highlights are like... On a skull, you'd do a dot on the tip of the cheek bones and then maybe a dot on the more prominent end each 'eye-brow'. They are the most extreme raised surfaces. I didn't like the yellow sandy colour that ushubiti bone gave (It was bleached bone back when I was using GW paints though). This will give you whiter bones. If you want cleaner bones then replace the brown wash with a black one, but this is a nurgle model so I'd stick to brown. You can even experiment a bit and use things like purple washes. It might turn out looking terrible, or it might look really cool.

And this sounds like it will take forever, but it really doesn't take much longer and it really is worth it. Rather than painting an area with one thick coat, like you seem to have done on the bone coloured protrusions of your Hellbrute's wrist guard, thin down your paints a bit and paint 2 or even three layers! You will get better coverage (It will look like the colour you wanted and it will be consistent, so not blotchy black showing through) and you will actually, in the end, have a thinner overall layer of paint.

It's always better to have 2, 3 or even 4 thin layers than to have caked one one thick layer of paint.


And also, you don't have to SLATHER a wash onto your model. You can choose which surfaces to use and you can even try and guide it just into the recesses you want (This is more relevant to models with armour, especially Tau and Eldar, and less relevant to flesh surfaces).
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