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Nurgle Heldrake, out of the earth

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(Edit)Heldrake not hedlake

After "dry" fitting, I found I used a little too much super glue on one of the ball/ key joints. Causing me to break a 1/16 pinning ball drill bit (its just a round ball drill bit) I will have to replace that. When I dry fit I tack a small amount of super glue onto one or two spots on the model, after dropping the head 3 times it separated. The wing in the first picture I had use a little too much glue and had issues. In the end I cut through both pieces, positive side the joint is completely mobile now.

I've made some cybernetic hoses that will be added to the body,

I would have rather had more done on this but have sidetracked on paint removal from some old plastics....

Until next time.
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You know you can edit the title of your thread right? ;)
It all looks promising though!
Unfortunately not on my phone.

I've been looking for my cornerstone piece for the base, I want an old tower or wall. Just not able to find one with the look I want...

It needs to be able to "fit" on the flyer base and no higher then 12".

I may just use a milk bottle for it... lol I will figure out what to use, and suggestions are welcome.
Hijacking my own thread instead of starting a new one to avoid clutter.

ADD kicking in... so I've moved onto my cultists while I have the Muse. Tue drakes are paused while waiting for parts.

Like the paint box? My first one still have most of the paints and they still work!

I have 9 more renegade torsos. I've Given up on getting guard legs and will be "mutating" them with various legs I can find.

The prince was an older job back when DP of tzeentch were amazing. His wing mounts are going to be cut off and replaced with a nice jet pack.

The mordhiem cultist hand is getting flipped the knife removed and a pistol put in its place.

Kharn ... need a hand have been toying with making him a flamer. Heh a blind guy with a flame thrower.

Goat legs needs another kroot arm to finish him up, of course his gun needs more work.
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Its been awhile... this conversion still sits in a box. I have almost compleated another nurgle conversion for the april conversion contest, I will just put a spoiler here for now ;0
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Its a bit funny this one acts a bit more like a clay. It sculpted really nicely although it need a few minutes after mixing to be good for rolling.
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