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Nurgle Heldrake, out of the earth

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(Edit)Heldrake not hedlake

After "dry" fitting, I found I used a little too much super glue on one of the ball/ key joints. Causing me to break a 1/16 pinning ball drill bit (its just a round ball drill bit) I will have to replace that. When I dry fit I tack a small amount of super glue onto one or two spots on the model, after dropping the head 3 times it separated. The wing in the first picture I had use a little too much glue and had issues. In the end I cut through both pieces, positive side the joint is completely mobile now.

I've made some cybernetic hoses that will be added to the body,

I would have rather had more done on this but have sidetracked on paint removal from some old plastics....

Until next time.
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i'm waiting to see the finished work :) you truly are fascinated by the helturkey!
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