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Nurgle army lists

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Hey guys, I just finished my Tyranids army and I am now looking onward to making an army of plague marines. I am looking for a good list that is very nurgley, and I am also wondering how you guys go about to making your chaos models to look like.. nurgle! If you have any tutorials/models of your own somewhere I would really like to see them. Also how exactly do you go about having nurgle-like rules? I've seen that plague marines have feel no pain, so how would this affect other types of units?
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go with world eaters list, but for a little less nurgly, give one prince warptime.
I'd personally go with svart's 3,000 pt list, insane and looks very competitive and fun to play!:so_happy:
it's nurgle's number, and how many come in a box

6 is slaanesh
7 is nurgle
8 is khorne
9 is tzneetch
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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