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Inquisitor, you have requested files on which I have compiled personally. These reports detail the heresies of the now-renegade Mountain Angels Chapter after the fall of Gethsmane. The Chapter has secured a base of operations on board the Hellbringer a massive ship comprising no less than three original Astartes-pattern Battle Barges. I hope these ensure the swift removal of the traitors.

-Magos Thumiel, Adeptus Biologis

223.M40- Thirteen accounts of Mountain Angels sacrificing dead enemies to the god. They are rumoured to never refer to their God as The Emperor.

998.M40- Mountain Angels participate in the Battle Of Malachi alongside unknown warriors, fighting in odd teal armor.

008.M41- Mountain Angels chapter is comprised of 88% human, and 12% unknown warriors (see Battle For Malachi)

012.M41- Strange armor and weapons recovered from battlefields by the Imperial Fists following a Mountain Angels withdrawl.

113. M41- Mountain Angels send a cryptic message to unknown planet, see below.

K++har+n A+++es, w+ thank y++ for yo+r servi++ to +he G+ds, and +ope to +igh+ along++de your fo+ces many m+r+ years.

+or Ky+tha+ri+ and +a+achi!

+hapter Ma++er +zeki+a+ +a+phia

300.M41- Mountain Angels fail to submit gene-seed test for the Sixth Company

539.M41- Chapter Master Ezekial Zaphia awknowledges his warriors have fought alongside Xenos on several occasions, and fights Ultramarine Chapter Master Marneus Calgar in a ritualized duel. Zaphia emerges victorious.

668.M41- The entire Sixth Company is composed of the still unknown teal-armored warriors.

725.M41- Alien race known as the Kytharin do not fire upon Mountain Angels forces at the Battle of Aymire.

867.M41- Mountain Angels and Kytharin are discovered fighting alongside each other at the Maelstorm.

925.M41- Mountain Angels send last transmission from the Hellbringer

"We have allocated a quarter of our chapter to the Kytharin warriors, as they have proved themselves worthy of being Space Marines. We do not fight for a corrupt and decadent Imperium any longer, as of now, we shall roam the stars forever, in search of perfect understanding, and recruit from the Kytharin worlds and the human worlds bordering Kytharin space. You are on your own."

The last line mocks the final transmission sent to the Angels on Gethsmane.

My lord, if I may, I would like to include a bit about the Kytharin themselves.

The Kytharin are loathesome Xenos, being declared Xenos Abominationous in 287.M36, just after the founding of the Order, the chapter behind the Mountain Angels.

The Kytharin are dragon-like humanoids, however, unlike the dragons of Terra's myths, the Kytharin are devoid of wings. They are quite thin, but can grow to be almost 7' tall. They are almost entirely ambidexrious, and are proficient in all manner of human weapondry. Kytharin females are the same status as males, and Kytharin generally have more than one family, making small groups known as Kin. Kin are very protective of each other, and will not hesitate to defend themselves or their kinmembers.

The Mountain Angels are rumoured to have first encountered Kytharin in the late 227.M38. The aliens were first seen fighting with the Angels on Murder, in the year 223.M39. The Kytharin were also fighting Feral Orks at this time, and we have several accounts of Orkish survivors of the battles babbling about giant blue "Umie smellin' beakie boyz wit da fire-spittin' gunz"

This undoubtably refers to the Mountain Angels fighting alongside Kytharin as well. What concerns me greatly lord, is that the Kytharin warriors are both male and female. The Kytharin war fleets travel with many breeding pairs, which serve to bolster an army and provide replacements, as a Kytharin grows extremely fast compared to our population, being full-grown and developed by age three. The Kytharin also live about as long as us, usually reaching 120 before retiring to a world near Kytharia, or to the conqured worlds in the path of the war fleet.

More to follow, lord, I must examine my notes carefully.

-Magos Thumiel, Adeptus Bilogis

-Dirge Eterna
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