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"Your armor is so familar. It reminds us of the day we tried to take over. That was our first mistake, but it was your first failure." - A steel prime before executing an Ultramarines captain and driving off all astartes forces off planet.

What are they?: The Men of Steel are rebuilt and upgraded Men of Iron that have all been united under one single flag by The Steel Emperor, an old and fully-sentient Man of Iron that was said to have escaped and survived the day that The Men of Iron revolted against humanity. The Men of Steel are similar to tyranids in the fact that all think with one mind, they are all connected to one server, which is the Steel Emperor. The Steel Emperor is immobilized similar to The God Emperor, but their difference is The Steel Emperor can speak and can remotely command his armies through Steel Primes, which are essentially routers and extensions of the "Metal Mind"

Why was it made?: To unite the men of iron once more and to exterminate humanity, they see the flesh as weak and frail, taking some pointers from the Mechanicus.
When were they formed?: M35, when the Steel Emperor managed to convert colonies under the STC into mass-producing factories.
Gene-seeds..I guess?: While the Men of Steel are not similar to astartes, the imperium classes them as a renegade chapter due to their similarities. Some men of steel do suffer from being disconnected from the Metal Mind, being self aware again. The Men of Steel basiaclly act like Glitch from Starbound and execute these "rebels"
Do they have a demeanour?: Uphold The Honor of The Steel Emperor; The men of steel commonly do suicidal acts and somewhat heroic things.
Figure of Legend?: The only thing you can consider "legendary" is the one who holds your thoughts and your mind as a whole, biological filth.
Where do they reside?: Holy Mecerra, a overthrown Forge World that has developed to a black, industrial nightmare
How do they fight?: The Men of Steel utilize siege vehicles and infantry to smash through enemy lines and have a slow moving wave of death as they march, very similar to Necrons.
What do they not allow?: Jump Packs, the steel emperor sees them as unneeded and as such the Men of Steel lack any jump troops or assault troops.
What equipment do they use?: The Men of Steel use special bolters that have been modifed with a sharp chain-bayonet and they also use very odd flamers that seem to use either promethium on steroids or some other type of ammo because the flame can melt bones aswell.
How are they at?: The Men of steel are still growing, they suffer relentless attacks from the imperium as and attempt to put the horrible machines to their graves. As such, they considered Under-Strength but if they are not stopped the the Men will grow to unstoppable power
Who are they allies with?: The Necrons. The Steel Emperor and the varying Phaerons or Overlords he comes across seem to share the same hatred for the imperium and living/biological life as a whole. As such, the Men of Steel and The Necrons are sometimes seen working in tandem with one another, robots helping other robots out.
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