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3x Combined Arms:

Spirit-Seer, 2x windrider, Wraithknight. No upgrades: 467
Spirit-Seer, 2x windrider, Wraithknight, Glaive/shield: 467
Spirit-Seer, 2x windrider, Revenant Titan. No upgrades: 1367

Total: 2006, which would be legal for a 2k army in my local Game store.

Will I ever run this? No. Just playing around with numbers. 6 objective secured fast units, 3x Lords of War. Will it get tabled or is there just not enough firepower in most armies to deal with this level of rudeness?

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Honestly, I think Wraithknights are such a bargain... why pay 3x as much as their cost for one Revenant? Take a whole 4th CAD and 4 Wraithknights, I'm of a mind. Models permitting, of course.
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