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There was a time when all my games were played in a gw store. As such all the models I used were of gw origin.

Well, since my brother and I both now have gaming setups at each of our houses, we and friends are able to play more freely now and expand our model collections into different ranges, both for variety and for saving money.

On that second front, we've been using Puppetswar a bit frequently lately, and our most recent purchase was a trio of Prime Battlewalkers. The idea was simple, they look roughly the same height as a Knight, and would require minimum work to fill that role. All weapon variants the knights have can be found in one way or another among the bits and additions that Puppetswar sells. So:

As you can see, the battlewalker is perfectly sized and the kit is much more posable than the standard knight. On its own, it doesn't really look the part and in fact could almost pass for a tau riptide if not for the lack of any jump pack.

However, we got two of these for the same cost it would have been for a single knight from gw. With the addition of a few pieces of gothic architecture from the citadel ruins kit and maybe a banner or two, it should look well the part after a good paintjob. This is the first of the three, the second has the same weapon loadout and the third carries a sword instead of the gatling cannon.

I will upload further pics once they have been suitably modded with gothica and, if I can find any, a banner or two.

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I had not looked into their range before, Now I am interested, however I totally agree with the divergence from gw only minis, I did that some time ago, but then it is easier for chaos....
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