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I don't have any pictures of several of my oldest models that I think still look pretty good, but I can snip a couple of the Harlies that I painted many moons ago that I truly love.

This Solitaire conversion has some tweaks specifically for the 2nd Ed ruleset, he has a Multi-melta and a powerfist (legal Harlie character options back then). I really like the colorful camo and the mark of slaanesh on the mask. (The Solitaire represents Slaanesh in the Great Dance).

That model along with these three were my officers of the Suite of Diamonds in my original Harlequin army (The Full Deck). The blurry one up front was the Great Harlequin, the Death Jester, and Shadowseer are more obvious. I still think these guys hold up well. Considering all of four of these models were painted about 20 years ago, shortly after I started painting as an adult.

Next time I hit my parent's house I will snap some pics of a few models I did in Junior High that I always thought were pretty good for a kid and think still hold up decently. (Those are all fantasy or historicals used for our DnD games though)
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