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Hello Heresy Online,

We’re happy to inform you, that our Kickstarter campaign for the Second Wave of Norsgard had just been launched!

We’re here to answer for all of your questions and share the progress of the campaign – and unveil all of the upcoming goods and new pledge levels!

Norsgard - the Game

Norsgard is a 32mm heroic scale skirmish game. This Kickstarter is the second wave of our products. After our first successful Kickstarter a lot of our backers were so happy with the product, that they asked us to develop the world of Isbran and introduce more factions and models to it.
The whole team behind the project developed new models, factions, story and unique gameplay. We ask for your support in making Norsgard an even better game, with more options and awesome tales!

Production and Material

Models we offer highly detailed models in the highest quality you can find on the market. We are experienced in bringing models from 3D sculpts into real resin and metal models, in a way that assembly and painting will be pure pleasure.
All miniatures will be cast in resin. Only some of the smaller parts and long weapons like two-handed swords and various spears can be cast in metal. We will aim to cast everything in resin. However, if during production we see significant quality loss, because resin is a much softer material then we will use metal instead.


Welcome traveler. Come, sit near the fire. It is good to have a company on the trail. Bloody cold night, eh? And this wind, strong like always… Isbran is a hard place to live, true, true.
There is something strange in this night. Like something is about to happen. From where do you travel, friend…? Have you meet any barbarians…? Those crazy bastards, almost tracked me and killed several times. They did not even wanted to rob me, they want only blood, like some sort of evil possessed them. Or perhaps you are traveling from the Templars? I was there too. Noble Orcs always have some good business for a man like me. Especially when the Alliance of the Bat came into life… Who would have thought that dwarfs will join forces with wulfkins. Crazy times.
But there are more stories I have heard. Sit and listen epic tales of war, sacrifice, great evil and honor. Hear them all and perhaps one of these stories will be about your adventures in Isbran….?

Feel free to ask any questions regarding Norsgard and the Kickstarter!

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On the Kickstarter, with the Sea Veteran (Egir Tribe box and Kickstarter exclusive Hjal, the Dark Omen), Obsidian Veteran (Outregard box and Kickstarter exclusive Hjal, the Dark Omen) and Lord (both Egir Tribe and Outregard boxes along with KS exclusive Hjal) pledge levels you’ll receive a hardback printed Rule book of Norsgard, printed in the highest quality and overloaded with artworks that will make you dive into the world of Isbran!

Take a look at two of many artworks that you’ll find inside the Rule Book:

And take a look at how is it looking like “in the flesh!”:

How do you like them? Visit the Kickstarer page to learn more!
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