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I wouldn't drop the lesser daemons unless you pick up another troop choice as you are bit light for 2000 points! I would have stuck a CF on the termie squad rather than the PF
With your NM squads I would set 1 of them up for CC, in support with your termies, DS and either a PF or PW and drop the BM for that squad and give them a rhino!
I to would be tempted to drop the GD, the only basic champs you have got to sacrifice are the ones in the squads at the back (static NM's) and you really don't wanna be foot slogging that mumma!
Also at 2000 points be weary of a lone vindie they often get targeted quite quickly!
Either drop two oblits and run two vindies or drop the vindie! And use the spare points to boost your troop choices up!
P.s single lash isn't too cheesy! Maybe worth considering due to amount of blats you have!
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