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I'd recommend changing your noise marine squads around. Run either a squad of 6 with the blastmaster and 5 sonic blasters, or a squad of 8 with sonic blasters and a PW champ with doom siren and MBs. The reason you wouldn't want to run both a PF champ and a blastmaster in the same squad is because the blastmaster basically says, "I like to stay back and blow things up." While the champ says, "I wanna get up in peoples' grills and wreck their $#@&." This really divides up your squad and will cause you to waste a decent number of points. Either you're in cc using the champ, unable to fire, or you're standing back blowing things apart while the champ just stands there watching.

Other than that, the list looks great. I love the Blissgiver, I run one on a biker lord and it does wonders. Termis with MoS and LCs are just brutal, I also run them and they just eat through things so fast.

Hope this helps. ^_^
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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