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You should have Daemonic Possession on your Land Raider, though I wouldn't take off the lightning claws. In fact if you are are ever able to, I recommend all your terminators have dual lightning claws, right now... lets take care of what needs to be done first.

1. Daemonic Possession: Where would I get the points? I would take away to Greater Daemon. Sounds crazy at first, but firstly, you don' really have a suitable model to sacrifice for him. The aspiring champions are too expensive to waste, not to mention you need them to support your squad in close quarters.

2. Power Fists: YOU NEED THEM BACK! Power Weapons only do a wound a turn statistically, a power fist kills everything basically, once you hit. Better off with the powerfist.

3. Chaos Lord: As a strategical move, a Daemon Prince both price and competetive wise is a lot better than getting a Lord.

4. Lesser Daemons: Because you aren't really daemonette rules, you don't have the initiative to work coherently with the rest of your army. I take these out.
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