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for noise marines, EVERYONE w/o a blastmaster needs a sonic blaster - even champs

IF your gonna run blastmasters, it should prolly be done with a group of 5 w/o a champ. - you have I5 standard, if your going against marines youll still strike 1st

if you dont run blastmasters - they arent even THAT good for their points unless its Geq or the unlucky SM squad - but im biased - they havent done me a load of good unless a units save is 4+ at best in 9+ games

if you want a CC oriented NM squad 8-10 w/ a champ w/DS & PW (IMO) is the best way to go, why PWs? cuz they are I5 base, why give that up? ya you prolly wont kill as many a turn, MC heavy lists i can see using PFs, but the average marine player? just add melta bombs...dont forget rhinos

imho lash princes arent that good, just over-hyped, Oh - your awesome CC unit of doom? its moving farther away from my stuff...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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