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As I finally got my Stompa painted up earlier this month, and having played Stampy for the first time yesterday, I thought it's about time to get NobKrusha's Krushin' Krew together for their first ever group shot.
I started painting this lot at the end of 2014 and, thanks to the APC run by tawa, I've been able to knock out at least one unit a month, sometimes more. I still have a few more units to add, but this is pretty much the majority of it. I'll follow up this group shot with photos of the individual units that are in it so far, followed by any new units I add in. Got some burnas, more Flashgitz, stormboyz and a few characters to knock out.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures....

NobKrusha, so called for his habit of stamping the skulls of defeated challengers flat after beating the tar out of them. A fate he also reserves for the Warlords of the enemies he crushes in battle, usually while they're still alive.
Surrounded by his retinue, Crazyface the warphead, Gutkutta the Doc and Big Dumb Bob da Leftenant.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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